Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Looking for the Best Brush Set?


What happens when a luxurious vegan and cruelty-free brand like LARUCE Beauty collaborates with the uber-talented Freelance Makeup Artist, Janice Daoud? A makeup brush set worth writing about!  Janice Daoud has worked with some of the top celebrities of the moment, including Miley Cyrus and Rihanna.  Her work has graced the pages of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Rolling Stone and her Runway and client work are all names easily recognizable.  I first learned about the LARUCE X Janice Daoud Brush Set ($100 retail) on Instagram.

The Makeup Brush Set – Why You’ll Want to Buy!

When I ordered the LARUCE X Janice Daoud Brush Set, I was taking a gamble. I did not know anyone who owned the set, but the Instagram advertisements intrigued me. After watching Janice Daoud’s video on the LARUCE Beauty Instagram page where she details who this set was designed for (Everyone!), what was included and why she decided to collaborate with LARUCE I placed my order. The video I watched, was her first look at the retail set as she had been using the prototypes previously.  I could tell that she put a lot of thought into every single aspect of these brushes.  Even the brush numbers were created using numbers that were meaningful to her.  The microfiber towel (included with set) is intended to mimic her backstage setup.  All makeup artists I know put down some sort of a towel before laying out their tools.  Since Janice is known for her skin work, I was personally eager to get my hands on her sculpt and contour brush (which did not disappoint). Her decision to include a microfiber pouch for easy carrying of the brushes also made this purchase a no brainer.

If you are new to my site – Welcome! – I should let you know that I own quite a comprehensive brush collection.  I own hundreds of makeup brushes from brands all over the world.  When I first get a new brush or brush set, I look for similar brushes in my existing collection to compare it to. I was very excited to see that this set most closely resembled my Rae Morris brushes. Rae Morris is a world-renowned Makeup Artist and designed the Rae Morris Magnetic Brush Range. While the LARUCE X Janice Daoud Brush Set is not magnetic, I am happy to report that the brushes are shaped perfectly and will change your makeup application. While I respect Rae Morris as an artist and enjoy her brushes in my humble opinion they are overpriced.  On a positive note, this set from LARUCE is an absolute steal! If you were considering buying the Rae Morris brushes, I highly suggest you consider the LARUCE X Janice Daoud Brush Set instead.

For Comparison:

1.      The Jishaku #2: Mini Kabuki from Rae Morris retails for $95 on her site

2.      Number 10 Powder Brush: LARUCE X Janice Daoud Brush Set (includes brush number two below, plus ten other brushes pictured -below, right – microfiber towel and microfiber carry bag)

How does the LARUCE X Janice Daoud Brush Set Perform?

I have been testing this set since I received it on December 29th, using a variety of mediums and techniques.  This set truly holds its own against many of my higher-priced Japanese made brushes.  If you own a traditional brush set from a brand like Sigma or MAC, I think you will find this set offers some truly unique shapes that would complement a traditional set nicely.  Standouts for me include the #18 Lip Brush, #27 Precision Contour Brush and #31 Shadow Brush. The #18 Lip Brush is a truly unique shape in my collection.  The way it hugs the cupid’s bow makes applying lip color truly effortless. The #27 Precision Contour Brush is another unique shape and is great for so many things including contouring the nose and under the lips. The #31 Shadow Brush is a standard shaped eye brush, but I think the size of it makes it a great choice as an all-in-one eye brush.  You can easily apply color to the lid with one swipe using this brush helping you create all your favorite looks.

When I started this site years ago, finding professional quality makeup brushes that were also cruelty-free wasn’t easy.  Many brands didn’t even list the bristle type (some still don’t) making it impossible to make an informed decision easily. Today the options may seem overwhelming.  I can confidently recommend this set for both makeup lovers and Makeup Artists. 

For those new to this style of makeup brush, please note the (intentional) smaller size.  The handles on this set are slightly longer than the Westman Atelier, with the #25 Detailed Eye Brush (pencil-style brush great for smudging along the lower lashline) slightly shorter than the Rae Morris Jishaku #9.1: Pencil Point Shader. If you are in the market for new brushes to round out your collection, start a new one or get a gift for the makeup lover in your life who has everything, look at the Laruce X Janice Daoud Brush Set and see the difference for yourself.  The value is quite apparent when compared to similar style brushes available on the market and this set really shines as one that will meet the needs of many different artists, regardless of their level of expertise. 

Pictured Above: #25 Detailed Eye Brush (above left) slightly shorter than the Rae Morris Jishaku #9.1: Pencil Point Shader (above right)

Pictured Above:  #27 Precision Contour Brush (above left) slightly longer than the Westman Atelier Eye Shadow I Brush (above right)

Pictured Above: A closer look at the set 

Have you purchased the LARUCE X Janice Daoud Brush Set yet?  Which brushes do you think you will get the most use out of? 

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