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Fall 2018 Eyeshadow Color Series - Duochrome

Fall 2018 Eyeshadow Color Series - Duochrome

This is my final post in the Fall 2018 Eyeshadow Color Series.  While I realize duochrome is not a "color," it is a type of eyeshadow that I love to wear this time of year. Duochrome eyeshadows are great for a one and done eye look because it looks like two different colors depending on how the light hits it. Pretty much every Fall for as far back as I can remember, a duochrome shade makes it into my top 5 of the season. 

This Fall, I am using one of the more popular duochrome shadows available, a deep red-brown or eggplant with a pearled teal flip. Many brands make a version of this eyeshadow, so it is easy to find at a variety of price points. It sounds weird that a deep purple eyeshadow can also look greenish teal, but that is exactly why I love duochromes.  They provide an unexpected element to your look. 

While I created an entire makeup look, the focus of this series is all about the eyeshadow.  Pair this look with any lip, and blush combo that you prefer.  However, when dealing with an eyeshadow as interesting as a duochrome, I often like to keep the lips light or neutral so the eyes remain the focus. 

Products you will need:

1. Eye Base: eye primer, white cream base (such as NYX jumbo pencil in milk), or black base such as a black cream liner.
2. Matte powder shadow or face powder: you will need something the same color as your skin or slightly lighter if you want more of a highlight effect.
3. Transition shade: warm matte brown, or vibrant matte orange (depending on your skin tone) for your crease.  
4. Duochrome shadow: chose your favorite.  Some duochromes from my collection that I enjoy are: Sassy from the Perception Eyeshadow Palette (Shayla x ColourPop), Fireball (best over a black base), Omen or Lounge from Urban Decay, Glass Bull (also great over a dark base) from ColourPop, or the red/brown with teal shift from the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette. 
5. Black Mascara or false lashes & lash glue: I used my favorite mascara, Milani Big and Bigger Lashes.  However, use whatever mascara or false lashes your normally do when wearing a more dramatic eye look. I did not use any eyeliner for this makeup, so it is important that the lashes are defined. 

Below are swatches of the duochrome eyeshadows that I mentioned in number 4.  It is kind of difficult to photograph the complexity of these, but in person you really see the color shift depending on the light.

Swatches pictured below are as follows (left to right):
  • Lounge (red/brown with teal shift)
  • Wet n Wild Comfort Zone (red/brown with teal shift)
  • Sassy (eggplant with teal shift)
  • Glass Bull (lavender icy-blue)
  • Fireball (peach with pink frosted shift)
The duochrome mentioned above from the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette is a great dupe for Urban Decay's Lounge.  As you can see from the picture below, it is slightly different (the base leans more brown than red), but they are quite similar.  In fact, Sassy is very similar as well, but the base is more of a deep purple, than a red-brown.  Glass Bull is a lightened version of this, which is why I often use it over a darker eyeshadow.

Fireball is completely different from the others in terms of color profile, but it is still a duochrome.  I wanted to provide at least one eyeshadow that was completely different from the others. Fireball is a light color, and peach and pink are colors so close to one another, that the duochrome effect does not provide as much contrast.  This could be a good choice for someone looking to try a duochrome for the first time who does not want the shift in color to bee as dramatic. 

Urban Decay offers a large selection of duochrome eyeshadow color combinations, so I recommend their brand as a good place to start if you are new to this type of eyeshadow.  ColourPop also has a nice selection of options, and they are a very affordable price point! 

I used my regular Milani Eyeshadow Primer, but duochromes level of interest can be intensified by choosing a white or black base underneath. 

1. Standard fluffy eyeshadow brush
2. Cream shadow brush, concealer brush or short dome brush
3. Crease brush
4. Flat shader brush
5. Blending brush 

Below are the five brushes that I used to complete my eyeshadow look. These are from a variety of brands, and as always my brushes are all made out of synthetic bristles. 

While I usually apply my foundation first, I recommend doing the eyes first for this look.  The metallic duochrome shadows I mentioned above all can have a little bit of fallout, so cleanup is easier if you do your foundation after.  

To start, I applied my eyeshadow base (Milani Eyeshadow Primer) with a Tarte concealer brush. No matter which color base you apply, you will only want a thin layer of product to prevent creasing. The primer was applied to both my top and bottom eyelid, taking it up to just below my brow. 

Next, I used a standard fluffy eyeshadow brush to pick up a matte white powder eyeshadow.  This was applied from lash line to just under my eyebrow, as well as the inner corner of my eye.  I chose white for a brightening effect, using it to set my eyeshadow primer and serve as a base making it easier to blend out the other shadows that I used. 

On a crease brush, pick up your transition color.  I used a matte warm brown eyeshadow from NYX.

Blend your transition shade through the crease of the eye.  Apply a bit to the outer corner of the eye, and along the lower lash line using the same brush.  Work in light layers, adding more until you reach the desired intensity. Next, take a clean blending brush and blend out any harsh edges. 

Now for the main event! On a flat shader brush, pick up some of your duochrome eyeshadow. I used Sassy from the Perception palette. Begin by lightly patting on some of the color to the inner portion of your eye lid, then move your brush in a light swiping motion to blend the color across the eyelid.  Stop when you reach the transition color that you previously applied to the outer corner of your eye. You want the duochrome and transition color to blend into one another seamlessly, so switch between your blending brush and flat shader brush as needed to blend the colors together.  You may need some more of your transition shade to deepen the outer crease. 

Some metallic and duochrome eyeshadows perform better when applied with a damp brush.  The color that I used, Sassy, is very pigmented and smooth.  I applied the shadow using a dry brush, because I was able to get the intensity I desired without any extra steps. 

Take a look at your eyeshadow, and blend any harsh edges.  If you need to touch up the highlight or crease color, do so at this point.  Once the powder eyeshadow looks the way you want it to, go ahead and apply several coats of black mascara to the top and bottom lashes, or false eyelashes if you are wearing them. 

This duochrome eyeshadow look is complete!  I did use a large synthetic fan brush from Crown Brush (affiliate link.  Use code LIZACHUNG for 10% off regularly priced items) to bronze up my face and neck, as well as apply a touch of blush.  I wanted the eyes to be the primary focus, but darker eyeshadow can make me look quite pale if I do not use the right products on my face. I chose a matte bronzer, and a pinky-peach blush with just a hint of shimmer. As previously mentioned, I kept the lips light, with a peach lip pencil and a touch of sheer sparkly gloss in the center. 

I photographed my makeup in different light, with and without flash to try and capture the different colors reflected in the Sassy eyeshadow. Since I wore this look during the day, I did not apply the duochrome eyeshadow to the lower lash line.  I kept that matte with the warm brown transition shade.  However, if you want to wear something like this for the evening, applying more of your duochrome eyeshadow, and taking it along the lower lash line will have a lovely dramatic impact. My goal was to create a mostly neutral look, with a hint of the duochrome shadow.  This look is quite wearable, but will still keep people guessing what color your eyeshadow is! 

Here is the look a bit closer:

And in different lighting:

I hope you enjoyed my Fall 2018 Eyeshadow Color Series.  Which post in this series was your favorite?  If you happen to try any of these looks on yourself, please send me a picture on Twitter @MakeupMatters1.  I would love to see you recreate my looks.  Interacting with my readers makes me so happy.  YOU are the reason I write this blog! I want to share the techniques that I have learned over the years with you, and hear any ideas and product recommendations from you!

*All of the products in this post were purchased by me. I do not get paid to write reviews.  I am an affiliate with Crown Brush.  If you chose to purchase makeup brushes through this link: Crown Brush I will earn a small commission. This helps to support the site, and bring you more content that you love.  You can use my discount code: LIZACHUNG for 10% off regularly priced items when shopping through my affiliate link.  I have used Crown Brush makeup brushes for many years, and find them to be an affordable brand that has a lovely selection of quality synthetic bristle brushes. Crown Brush clearly displays the type of bristles in each brush on their website so please check to make sure that you are purchasing exactly what you want.  

For a complimentary brush assessment, and personalized brush recommendation, please send me a message via Twitter @MakeupMatters1.

If you would like to book an appointment for a makeup application, lesson or professional organization plan, I can be reached at (for professional inquiries only please).

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Fall 2018 Eyeshadow Color Series - Cherry

For the fourth eyeshadow look in my Fall 2018 Eyeshadow Color Series, I chose cherry. Red eyeshadow is so much fun to wear. This is quite a bold look, and it is not for everyone, but I certainly had fun creating the look. 

Years ago, I posted a red eyeshadow look where I kept the lip very neutral. This time, I opted for a bold, dark lip.

The inspiration for this look was the above eyeshadow from Sugarpill. It is a beautiful cherry red with micro glitter. The key to wearing this color is to pair it with other shades of red, black liner, and dark lashes.

As always, use any eyeshadow you have. However, I strongly suggest you do your eye makeup first, and your foundation after for easier clean up.

Start with a good eye primer, and if working with a glitter or glittery shadow, have some glitter glue on hand.

After priming my eyes, I applied a light cream shadow under my brow, and on the inner corner of my eye as a highlight

As a transition color, I mixed the above coral shadow with the satin cranberry below it. These shadows are from the NYX Merci Beaucoup  shadow palette, but they are easy colors to find.

In the deeper part of my crease, I swept in the matte red from ColourPop's Yes, Please palette. To intensify the cherry red, I applied a brighter matte red over it, from Wet n Wild. 

Next, I wanted to deepen the outer corner of the eye, so I mixed the dark eggplant from the Hourglass Exhibition Eye Shadow Duo with a burgundy shadow and applied it with a pencil brush.

On the inner 2/3 of my eyelid, where no product was placed, I colored on Trish McEvoy Glamorous 24-Hour Eye Shadow and Liner, blending it out with a stiff dome shaped brush.

Now for the star of the show, after patting a touch of glitter glue on the inner 2/3 of my eyelid, I applied that cherry red eyeshadow from Sugarpill. I used a very flat brush and just patted it on in thin layers until I achieved the desired intensity.

I tend to use a lot of different eyeshadows in various textures. I often layer powders over creams to create a longer lasting, more interesting look. This is not completely necessary, and you can certainly achieve a similar look with less products. I am simply in the habit of layering products and find it fun to experiment with a variety of products. 

Throughout the entire process, go in with a clean blending brush and buff out any edges as needed. I took the burgundy shadow I used on the outer corner, not mixing it with the eggplant this time, and traced it along my lower lash line.

I used black eyeliner in the water line and to tight line. After all of the powder shadow was complete, I cleaned up any fallout, and then applied my foundation with my new synthetic brush from Chikuhodo.  When wearing red shadow, you really want to eliminate any redness from the face, so a good foundation, concealer and powder are important. Otherwise, the eyeshadow can emphasize red patches in the skin, especially in a complexion as fair as mine. 

Instead of a liquid liner for my top lash line, I used a black Retro Cake Liner from Alexis Vogel. This eyeliner was painted on with a damp fine liner brush.

Really take your time with this eye makeup, and go back in and make sure everything is shaped the way you like it. 

I then applied many coats of black mascara to top and bottom lashes. After some minimal contouring, I applied a satin berry blush to my cheekbones followed by a touch of gold highlighter. 

To brighten the inner corners of the eyes, I tapped on a bit of highlighter with a small brush. This step is optional, but provided a bit more light to part of my face that can be too shadowed at times due to my features. 

For lips, I lined them with a red lip liner before painting on Sleek Major Matte lip cream in Unreal. On top of that, I applied a light coat of berry gloss from EM Cosmetics with my new Smith Cosmetics lip brush.

Here is the final look: 

I ended up adding a touch of Salazen Grum from the Urban Decay Alice through the Looking Glass palette to my lower lash line, and went in with a clean brush for a bit more blending.

Shortly after I finished my makeup, I went to get my haircut. I wanted something new for the Fall season. 

I really like the boldness of this makeup with the slightly edgier hairstyle. 

What is your favorite way to wear cherry? Are you purchasing the new Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette? ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

*All products in this post were purchased by me. I do not get paid to write reviews.

Monday, September 24, 2018

FALL 2018 Eyeshadow Color Series - Navy

The third color in my Fall 2018 Eyeshadow Color Series is Navy. This color looks especially beautiful on those with brown eyes.

Navy is often worn in the evening, and makes a lovely smokey eye. 

When wearing a darker eye color, I like to keep it close to the lash line.

Eye Pencils:

After applying eye primer to my top & bottom lids, I applied Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Empire to my waterline & lower lash line. Empire is a dark matte eggplant that leans navy. 

To the top lash line, I applied Urban Decay eye pencil in Ransom, a cool purple with a pearl finish.  This color also looks Navy in certain light.  I drew with the pencil shading in the corner of my eye, then blending it across my lid with a short dome brush. 


For powder eyeshadow, I used the Shayla x ColourPop Perception palette, and Urban Decay's Heroine (can be found in the Vice 3 palette).

From the Perception palette, I used three eyeshadow colors; Stallion (matte black with blue glitter), 14 (metallic navy), and Sassy (metallic eggplant with teal flip). 

The Urban Decay Through the Looking Glass palette also has a great navy (Bandersnatch)and bright blue if you have that palette instead. 

I applied one more layer of Empire liner to my lower lash line and smudged it with a Furless smudge brush. 

On a damp angled brush, I lined my upper lash line with Stallion from the Perception palette. Over that, using the same brush, I tapped 14 (metallic navy) over the top of Stallion


With a Bdellium Tools 777 flat eyeshadow brush, I applied Sassy eyeshadow to the eye lid, and blended the edges with a fluffy brush. 

Picking up my smudge brush again, I applied Heroine (matte navy) eyeshadow to the lower lash line over the pencil I previously placed there. 

I applied several coats of black mascara to my top & bottom lashes. If you have short and/or sparse lashes, apply falsies. 

For lips, I used Hourglass lip liner in Canvas and gloss in Child for a pale nude lip. 

I used a pink highlighter from Physicians Formula as blush.

The finished look: 

I kept the brows simple, and just brushed them with a dark brown brow gel. I love this look paired with a denim shirt and jeans. 

For a more edgy look, wear this makeup look with an all black outfit to really emphasize the metallic of the navy shadow. 

Which Fall 2018 Eyeshadow Color has been your favorite in this series so far?

*All products in this post were purchased by me. I do not get paid to write reviews.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Where to find high-end synthetic brushes

When I found out about the synthetic fiber AG-TAfrE® I had to find makeup brushes using these bristles. Chikuhodo is a very high-end, popular brand, but until recently, all of their brushes were make of animal hair. 

I purchased 1 face brush and 1 eyeshadow brush from their synthetic bristle series. 

The AF-2 Is a flat top foundation brush intended to buff foundation into the skin.

The AF-5 is an eyeshadow brush, ideal for cream shadow.

Here is a closer look: 

The bottom right cube above shows the size difference compared to a traditional foundation brush of this style. As you can see the Chikuhodo brush is significantly shorter in terms of handle length.  

The eyeshadow (AF-5) brush is 130 mm in total length, with the bristles coming in at 10 mm in length.

Here is the AF-5 compared to a bdellium tools eyeshadow brush and lip brush: 

As you can see, this brush is closer in size to my lip brush on the right (above). 

In all honesty, the small size was shocking to me. However the eyeshadow brush performs beautifully and I appreciate the size and shape of the bristles. I have not had a chance to use the foundation brush yet, but it is next on my list to test. Assuming these perform as planned, I will likely buy the powder, blush, and larger eyeshadow brush from this series.

It is nice to have luxury brushes with synthetic bristles. The eyeshadow brush (AF-5) retails for $22, while the foundation  brush (AF-2) retails for $43. I purchased these brushes on 

This post is really more of a first impression post as I have not had these brushes long enough for a thorough review. 

Would you like to see me review other brushes in this series? 

 *These brushes were purchased by me. I do not get paid to write reviews.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Fall 2018 Eyeshadow Color Series - Mink

For the second color in my series, I chose the color mink. Traditionally this color is described as a brown-gray, but I have seen some fashion pieces appear to have a pinkish tinge in certain lights. Luckily I found several variations of mink in my eyeshadow collection. 

Get the look:

The first eyeshadow that came to mind was Makeup Geek's Faux Fur, a matte soft mink-brown. I applied this color to my eyelid as a base.

Next, I moved to my Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay. This palette is loaded with more of the pinky-mink shades that I wanted to layer in with the mink-brown shades to create the perfect hue. I applied a very light layer of Limit over Faux Fur.

To darken the outer corner of the eye, I swept on a touch of Nooner.

Using my new Chikuhodo AF-5 Brush (made with a newer technology of synthetic bristles), I applied Limit to the inner lid, spraying the shadow covered brush with Mario Badescu facial spray. This helped achieve a more metallic look, bringing light to the eye.

I probably used more eyeshadow colors than necessary, but I really wanted the perfect balance of brown, gray, pink, matte and shimmer, layering on light, medium and dark shadows. 

Along the lower lash line, I swept another popular Urban Decay eyeshadow, Tease. To define my crease, I swept Matt Patel from The Balm's Meet Matt(e) eyeshadow palette.

For affordable mink shadows, Wet n Wild The Naked Truth's "eyelid" shade is a great choice. I smudged some of this satin shadow over Tease. Using the "Base" shade as a brow bone highlight. Physicians Formula Baked Oatmeal trio of baked eyeshadows work wet and dry. I applied just a touch of the first color in the trio with a damp brush to the mobile lid for extra shimmer and sheen.

I finished the look with my usual Milani Big and Bigger Lashes Mascara on my top lashes and Wet n Wild megaslim Skinny Mascara on the bottom lashes. 

Here is the finished look (without flash):

For blush, I applied NYX Mauve mixed with the bronzer from CharlotteTilbury bronze and glow palette. For a subtle cheek highlight, I mixed in NYX Mink Pearl Loose Eyeshadow in with some of my foundation and tapped it along my cheekbones.

Brown lips are very popular for Fall 2018. I used Urban Decay 1993 Lip Liner & Lipstick applied with a Smith Cosmetics 302 lip brush.   

Here is the look with flash:

The above photo really shows the lighter inner part of the lid, with darker outer corner.

If you try this look, please show me a picture on Twitter @MakeupMatters1.

*All products in this post were purchased by me. I do not get paid to write reviews or accept money from any brands in exchange for a review. 

What's in my makeup bag?

Have you ever wondered what a makeup artist carries around in her personal makeup bag? Well you are in luck. I am about to give you a peek into mine. While the contents change based on what makeup I am wearing that day, I usually always have concealer, powder foundation, lipsticks, lip liners and gloss.

Here is what I am carrying around today:


My trusty favorite from Makeup Revolution always comes with me. If needed I can sheer it out and wear it as a foundation. The Hourglass tube seen here is not really a concealer, but a lighter coverage skin care hybrid meant for mid day touch-up.

Powder Foundation

My Aveda Inner Light Mineral Foundation always comes with me. It helps for touchups but provides full coverage. My compact also includes an all-over face color from Aveda that can be used as eyeshadow or blush.

Lip Liner

I generally carry a few of these. Above I have a true red (Hourglass Icon), and two nude liners (Milani Nude, Urban Decay Naked). These pair well with pretty much any look.


The lipstick I carry changes pretty frequently. Today I have Jeffree Star Cosmetics Celebrity Skin and Milani D'Oro.

Liquid Lipstick

When I want a matte formula I will reach for a liquid lipstick. It is always good to have options. Above is Stila Petal and Jeffree Star Cosmetics in Allegedly.


I always want to be prepared to take my look from day to night. This is Armour Beauty in Marilyn. 

Lip Shimmer 

On days where my lips are chapped I opt for a balmy textured lip shimmer such as the above Cherry & Plum from Burt's Bees.


You know I am not capable of writing a post that doesn't include brushes. I usually carry this smaller one (top) from Everyday Minerals and the shorter handled Complexion Blending Brush from Eco Tools.

I hope you enjoyed this look inside my makeup bag. What essentials do you carry?

*This post contains products purchased by me and some sent for considerationby the company. I do not get paid to write reviews. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Fall 2018 Eyeshadow Color Series - Olive

Fall is my favorite makeup season. I love the richly pigmented hues that look and feel super luxurious. There are many articles available showcasing Fall 2018 makeup trends.  However this series is intended to show some of my favorite Fall colors and how to wear them.

Olive green is a color that I have seen in handbags and shoes this season. It's a color that looks stunning on hazel eyes and can be worn in both casual and glamorous looks.

This is part one of a five-color series where I will showcase my favorite eyeshadow in each color and use it in a makeup look, with step by step instruction. 

Here is how to achieve my Olive Green makeup look: 

To start the look, I prepped my lids with a bit of concealer. For eyeshadow, I used Urban Decay's Full Spectrum palette, Wet n Wild Comfort Zone, and the star of the show; Makeup Geek Dirty Martini (Dark matte olive green).

Starting with my highlight shade, I applied Bump (matte stark white) from the Full Spectrum palette under the brow and on the inner corner of the eye. 

Next I took the Transition shade (warm matte brown) from the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette and blended it through my crease. 

Using a small flat brush, I swept the warm pearly green from the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette onto the inner portion of my eyelid. I started at the inner corner and swept the color about 1/3rd of the way in.

Flipping the brush over, I picked up Makeup Geek Dirty Martini and applied it to the center of my eyelid, slightly overlapping the first green shadow. 

The goal is to create a gradient from lighter green to darkest. 

Going back to Urban Decay's Full Spectrum palette, I picked up Hundred (rich metallic dark green) on a pointed brush. I used this color to define the outer corner of my eye, and create the shape of the shadow. 

Using a pencil brush, I applied Dirty Martini to the lower lash line, and blended Hundred over it, just on the outer corner. Be sure to connect the shadow on the lower lash line to the top on the outer corner.

To highlight the inner corner even more, I used the shimmery golden ivory from the Comfort Zone palette and traced it just slightly over the lightest green.

Be sure to use clean brushes to blend out any harsh edges as you go along.

For liner, I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils in Freak (bright shimmery green) and Stash (dark metallic olive green-gold).  I applied Freak in my waterline and Stash along the bottom lash line, just on the outer corner. Wiggle Stash into the root of the lash for added definition. 

For mascara, I used my usual favorites; Milani Big and bigger lashes mascara on top, and Wet n Wild megaslim Skinny mascara on the bottom. Feel free to add false lashes for a more dramatic look.

For lips, I used Milani lip liner in Brandy and Urban Decay lipstick in Blackmail (rich burgundy).

Here is the final look: 

I love the dark, richness of this look. It screams Fall to me! 

What is your favorite way to wear Olive?

*All products in this post were purchased by me. I do not get paid to write reviews.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Spectrum Brushes We Love

Spectrum brushes are super trendy and adorable looking makeup brushes that I have seen allover social media. Many of my readers told me they use and love this brand. Of course Makeup Matters had to try them out! 

The brushes I purchased are:

  • A08 Happy Medium Shader ($7.49)
  • MA06 Marble Large Fluffy Shader ($7.49)
  • A25 Something Blue (heart shaped) - ($17.99)
  • MD04 Duo Fibre Small Strober ($12.49)
  • D05 Marble Duo Fibre Small (concealer) - ($7.49)
I must admit when I first received these brushes, my first thought was how cute they looked. However, upon touching the bristles I became concerned. They felt soft. Almost too soft. Historically when synthetic bristles are this soft on a brush, it has been my experience that they do not pick up powder products well. 

With so many people singing their praises, I had to keep an open mind and put them to the test. 

I started with the MA06 Marble Large Fluffy Shader brush. I used it to apply powder eyeshadow to my eye lid. To my pleasant surprise it picked up pigment with ease. 

If you are not familiar with Spectrum's naming convention M is for brushes from their Marble Collection. A is for application and D is for duo fibre. 

The next brush I used was the A08 Medium Shader to blend out my powder eye shadow. Again, I had no issues. The bristles are soft for the delicate eye area, but still work well for their intended purpose.

To clean up my under eye area with concealer, I used the D05 Marble Duo Fibre Small brush. The bristles are a bit longer than I am used to for this type of brush, but I did not notice any streaking. When using the brush in a circular motion under the eyes, or a stippling motion over a blemish, it does the job perfectly.

Of all the brushes I purchased from this brand, I honestly did not expect the A25 heart-shaped brush to work that well. In all honesty I bought it because of the unique shape, as I thought it would be a nice decorative piece for my makeup table. Again, I was proven wrong. I was able to apply bronzer with one end and buff it out with the other. I could also use one end to place my bronzer and the other my blush. This is an ideal gift for my bridal clients as it can work as their "something blue."

Finally, the MD04 Duo Fibre Small Strober was used to apply my highlight. I tested this brush with both liquid and powder highlighters and again, I did not notice any streaking. This brush is probably my favorite out of all the brushes I bought because it is very multipurpose. I have used it to apply moisturizer, primer, foundation, blush and highlighter to the face.

The handles are on the shorter side compared to many of my professional brushes, but I bought these for personal use and find the handle length perfect when I like to get close to the mirror. 

Who are these brushes for?

  • These make a great gift for the makeup lover
  • The A25 Heart-shaped brush is perfect for brides
  • Personal use for your daily makeup
  • Ideal for use with powder, liquid and creams
I am very happy to say that these brushes exceeded my expectations. I can usually tell how a brush will perform just by looking at it and almost always by touching the bristles. I don't know if it is the way the bristles are cut, or the material that they are made out of, but these brushes are not only nice to look at, but they are fully functional! 

I am very pleased with these brushes, and fully intend to buy more of the A25 heart-shaped brush to give as a gift to my bridal clients. 

The price point is very reasonable, and they sell a variety of sets that would be perfect for someone's first makeup brush set. 

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase!

Spectrum brushes can be purchased here:

Have you tried Spectrum brushes? Which ones are your favorites?

*All brushes in this post were purchased by me. I do not get paid to write reviews.