Monday, September 17, 2018

Spectrum Brushes We Love

Spectrum brushes are super trendy and adorable looking makeup brushes that I have seen allover social media. Many of my readers told me they use and love this brand. Of course Makeup Matters had to try them out! 

The brushes I purchased are:

  • A08 Happy Medium Shader ($7.49)
  • MA06 Marble Large Fluffy Shader ($7.49)
  • A25 Something Blue (heart shaped) - ($17.99)
  • MD04 Duo Fibre Small Strober ($12.49)
  • D05 Marble Duo Fibre Small (concealer) - ($7.49)
I must admit when I first received these brushes, my first thought was how cute they looked. However, upon touching the bristles I became concerned. They felt soft. Almost too soft. Historically when synthetic bristles are this soft on a brush, it has been my experience that they do not pick up powder products well. 

With so many people singing their praises, I had to keep an open mind and put them to the test. 

I started with the MA06 Marble Large Fluffy Shader brush. I used it to apply powder eyeshadow to my eye lid. To my pleasant surprise it picked up pigment with ease. 

If you are not familiar with Spectrum's naming convention M is for brushes from their Marble Collection. A is for application and D is for duo fibre. 

The next brush I used was the A08 Medium Shader to blend out my powder eye shadow. Again, I had no issues. The bristles are soft for the delicate eye area, but still work well for their intended purpose.

To clean up my under eye area with concealer, I used the D05 Marble Duo Fibre Small brush. The bristles are a bit longer than I am used to for this type of brush, but I did not notice any streaking. When using the brush in a circular motion under the eyes, or a stippling motion over a blemish, it does the job perfectly.

Of all the brushes I purchased from this brand, I honestly did not expect the A25 heart-shaped brush to work that well. In all honesty I bought it because of the unique shape, as I thought it would be a nice decorative piece for my makeup table. Again, I was proven wrong. I was able to apply bronzer with one end and buff it out with the other. I could also use one end to place my bronzer and the other my blush. This is an ideal gift for my bridal clients as it can work as their "something blue."

Finally, the MD04 Duo Fibre Small Strober was used to apply my highlight. I tested this brush with both liquid and powder highlighters and again, I did not notice any streaking. This brush is probably my favorite out of all the brushes I bought because it is very multipurpose. I have used it to apply moisturizer, primer, foundation, blush and highlighter to the face.

The handles are on the shorter side compared to many of my professional brushes, but I bought these for personal use and find the handle length perfect when I like to get close to the mirror. 

Who are these brushes for?

  • These make a great gift for the makeup lover
  • The A25 Heart-shaped brush is perfect for brides
  • Personal use for your daily makeup
  • Ideal for use with powder, liquid and creams
I am very happy to say that these brushes exceeded my expectations. I can usually tell how a brush will perform just by looking at it and almost always by touching the bristles. I don't know if it is the way the bristles are cut, or the material that they are made out of, but these brushes are not only nice to look at, but they are fully functional! 

I am very pleased with these brushes, and fully intend to buy more of the A25 heart-shaped brush to give as a gift to my bridal clients. 

The price point is very reasonable, and they sell a variety of sets that would be perfect for someone's first makeup brush set. 

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase!

Spectrum brushes can be purchased here:

Have you tried Spectrum brushes? Which ones are your favorites?

*All brushes in this post were purchased by me. I do not get paid to write reviews.


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