Friday, September 21, 2018

Where to find high-end synthetic brushes

When I found out about the synthetic fiber AG-TAfrE® I had to find makeup brushes using these bristles. Chikuhodo is a very high-end, popular brand, but until recently, all of their brushes were make of animal hair. 

I purchased 1 face brush and 1 eyeshadow brush from their synthetic bristle series. 

The AF-2 Is a flat top foundation brush intended to buff foundation into the skin.

The AF-5 is an eyeshadow brush, ideal for cream shadow.

Here is a closer look: 

The bottom right cube above shows the size difference compared to a traditional foundation brush of this style. As you can see the Chikuhodo brush is significantly shorter in terms of handle length.  

The eyeshadow (AF-5) brush is 130 mm in total length, with the bristles coming in at 10 mm in length.

Here is the AF-5 compared to a bdellium tools eyeshadow brush and lip brush: 

As you can see, this brush is closer in size to my lip brush on the right (above). 

In all honesty, the small size was shocking to me. However the eyeshadow brush performs beautifully and I appreciate the size and shape of the bristles. I have not had a chance to use the foundation brush yet, but it is next on my list to test. Assuming these perform as planned, I will likely buy the powder, blush, and larger eyeshadow brush from this series.

It is nice to have luxury brushes with synthetic bristles. The eyeshadow brush (AF-5) retails for $22, while the foundation  brush (AF-2) retails for $43. I purchased these brushes on 

This post is really more of a first impression post as I have not had these brushes long enough for a thorough review. 

Would you like to see me review other brushes in this series? 

 *These brushes were purchased by me. I do not get paid to write reviews.

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