Friday, September 7, 2018

Hack: Get Perfect Makeup Using the TBT

Do you struggle with getting your makeup to look perfectly blended? Are your eyeshadow colors looking a bit muddy? If things just aren't turning out the way you want them to, try the TBT application hack. No, I am not referring to "throw back Thursday."  Nor did I invent this method. However, I did come up with this easy to remember acronym to help my clients remember the concept.

TBT = Two Brush Technique 

The process is as simple as it sounds, apply your product with one brush, then grab a second brush to blend. For example, in the above photo, I applied powder eyeshadow with a flat brush, then picked up a clean blending brush to blend with.

Sounds easy right? This isn't just for eyeshadow.  I use this method for nearly all of my makeup application. 

In the below picture I used 4 different powder eyeshadows. Each was applied with one brush, with a second clean brush used to blend. 

For my foundation & concealer, I used a flat traditional foundation and concealer brush to apply the product to my face. Then I grabbed a more dense buffing brush with no product on it to buff, stipple and blend the product into my skin. This creates a much more airbrushed appearance, with no need to worry about streaks. 

Do you use the TBT? What is your favorite makeup Hack? 


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