Monday, August 20, 2012

Kate Hudson Inspired Makeup Look

My inspiration comes from many sources. The other day as I was thumbing through a pile of junk mail, I came across an Ann Taylor catalog.  I noticed Kate Hudson, but it wasn't the clothes that made me take a second glance, it was her makeup. This celeb is known for frequently doing her own makeup at photo shoots and is the face of Almay Cosmetics. What I loved about this look, is that although she is wearing a hot pink lipstick, it still looks office appropriate. The dewy look of her cheeks makes her look youthful and vibrant.

These are the pictures that caught my eye*:

I think this is such a polished, pretty, feminine look, so I decided to recreate it. Unlike my summer makeup look post where I paired a hot pink lip with navy liner, this is more subdued and elegant, but still equally as fun to wear.

 While the look is not identical, I do think I captured the spirit of the look. On eyes, I used Urban Decay Asphalt from the Smoked palette on outer corners.  Up close the eyes appeared to have some shimmer on them, so I used 3 Urban Decay Stardust shadows.  The color Bobby Dazzle was used on the inner part of the eye, and along the brow bone, with Diamond Dog & Moon spoon on the outer parts of the lid. I used Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Perversion along the lash line.  To make this look more appropriate for a corporate office, you could substitute the Stardust eyeshadow for Kinky from the Urban Decay Smoked palette for your inner corner and brow bone highlight.  Kinky is a matte ivory shade, that is very appropriate for daytime.  You could still use the Asphalt eyeshadow on the outer corner, as the color is muted enough, and though shimmery, does not contain any chunky glitter.

 On the lips, I used a hot pink lipstick, Stila lip liner in Obsessed and topped it with just a dab of ELF shimmer gloss in Ruby Red.  For the face, I used a full coverage liquid foundation, and powdered only the outer parts of the face, leaving the cheeks with a natural glow.
 To get the dewy look on the cheeks, I used Nars Illuminator in Copacabana.

 I used a light pink blush on the cheeks for a light, natural looking flush.
And that's the look! I hope you enjoy it. Any questions, please comment below!

*Kate Hudson photos from

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