Sunday, December 30, 2012

Spotlight: Armour Beauty

I've now mentioned these glosses in two other posts; my Beautylish Haul and 2012 Favorites. I'm talking about the glosses from Armour Beauty. In order for me to express how much I love these glosses and why, I need to first explain what makes a good gloss.

What Makes A Good Gloss?
The answer to this question is different for everyone. For me, I like a gloss to be moisturizing, non-sticky, and feel light on the lips.  The pigmentation I want, depends on what I'm using the gloss for. If I am using the gloss solo, I want it to have good pigmentation and a nice shine. If I'm using the gloss to top off a lipstick I generally like some added shimmer.

My friends at Beautylish, sent me a sample of this gloss in the shade Diana.  After wearing it only once, I was so blown away by the opacity and shine, that I logged onto that night to order four more shades. I have never been so quickly impressed by a lip gloss in my life.  These come in opaque formulas that wear more like a high shine liquid lipstick, or shimmer shades that work great as at topper gloss.

All of the glosses in this post can be purchased here 

One of the nice features of shopping this collection on Beautylish is that each of the gloss colors is shown on different skin tones. I wish all makeup products were shown this way online. Retail Price is $21 each.

Here is a closer look at the shades I own:

Diana*: This is a great nude everyday color. I found myself wearing this a lot during the day when I wanted a nice shiny, yet neutral lip. This color is a great choice to pare with a smokey eye, or even on days when you are going for a barely there makeup look.

Marilyn: This gloss is named after none other than Marilyn Monroe. It's a sheer topper gloss with sparkles that look like diamonds on the lips. This can be worn over a lipstick or one of the opaque formulas from Armour.

Nina (Beautylish Exclusive): Is an opaque formula. It's described as bright coral. This shade is perfect way to wear this spring's bright lip. Paired with minimal eye makeup, and a complimentary blush, this shade makes the perfect statement lip.

Siouxsie (Beautylish Exclusive): Is a warm red shade named after punk legend Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie And The Banshees. I was most excited to purchase this shade, because it just looked so beautiful online. I think this would look absolutely amazing on women of color. I plan to wear this shade on New Year's Eve. I'm also wearing it right now as I type this post.

Stardust: This is a topper gloss with sparkly gold shimmer. I love the way this looks over Siouxsie for a truly sexy evening pout. Like all the other Armour Beauty glosses I've tried, this is extremely long lasting, yet feels weightless on the lips. Plus, although this is loaded with sparkle, you don't feel any of the grittiness of glitter on your lips the way you do with some other brands.

Here are swatches of all the shades:

 From left to right: Diana, Stardust, Siouxsie, Nina, Marilyn

Armour Beauty Glosses are cruelty-free and paraben free. 

*Some of the products in this post were sent for consideration. This in no way alters my review. All of my thoughts and opinions are 100% honest, and I only share them with you in hopes of helping you make informed purchasing decisions.


  1. Diana looks so so pretty! Amazing shade!

    1. I really love it. I swatched it against other glosses I own and none match it, its not just a plain nude, there is something unique about it.

  2. Your review & the colors makes me really want to try these. Diana is beautiful and very "me" but I also really like the brighter shades Siouxsie and Nina.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you found the review helpful! Diana is super wearable. You'll probably get the most use out of it, because its the kind of color you can really wear everyday. The reason I ordered Siouxsie & Nina are because those shades are exclusive to Beautylish, so I wanted to grab them while they are still available. I've been wearing a lot of reds lately, and I really think I'll be using the bright coral a lot come spring. I can safely recommend Diana to everyone as far as colors go because I think that shade will look great on everyone, and it can be worn anytime! Let me know if you pick any up, and thanks for reading!


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