Sunday, March 24, 2013

Vegan Lip Color by Koren Zander

Hot Pink Lips For Spring

Last month, the very sweet Koren Zander of Enkore Makeup sent me a new product to try. I held back writing about it, because it won't be available until next month. I have to tell you, it was super hard not to scream from the rooftops how much I love this vegan friendly lippie!  I'm sure you know who Koren is, but for those of you who don't he's a makeup artist, and beauty enthusiast, who shares his tips on YouTube and also has his own online store which is located here:

FTC: Please note the following product was sent for consideration. This in no way alters my review or opinion of the product, and I do not get paid to write reviews. I do not get any compensation if anyone buys this product. 
Prior to launch, Koren asked me to test out this product and give him feedback on what I think. I didn't really have any expectations, as this is a new product, so I went in with a totally open mind, ready to give both good and bad feedback. 
The product, which Koren was considering naming "Layered Shots" is a highly pigmented vegan lip gloss that contains lots of good-for-you ingredients such as antioxidants.  The color I tested is the Marbled Pink Shot which appears in a marbled pattern in the container due to it's layers of berry and pink color.Enkore Makeup has been selling their Shots lippies since January, but these "layered shots" have been in the testing phase until they officially launch in April. They are a similar product to the Shot Glaze lippies available on just with layers of color in each tube, rather than one shade. If you are interested in single colors, you can check out his Shot Glazes which are only $10 and provide super high shine, moisturizing lip color.

Here is a look at the product as it was sent to me:

This tube came with a traditional doe foot applicator. The original Shot Glaze lippies come with a lip brush twist up type applicator, so I am unsure how the final product will be sold. 

Why am I so excited about this product?  This almost wears like a high shine liquid lipstick. Yet it feels completely weightless on the lips. It's so super pigmented, and just one swipe provides an uber-moisturizing high shine gloss, that makes your lips just look sexy as hell!  If you are a fan of OCC Lip tars, but prefer something you can carry with you in your purse, these are a good solution. They are high shine, rather than matte, but the pigmentation is very similar, and the color of the lippie I tried is very bold. The formula is nice and light, so much so that I forgot I was wearing it, until I looked in the mirror! 

 Note the high shine! It almost looks like I used a lip liner, lipstick and a gloss, but I got this effect with just the one product!

The last pic above was from February, when it was super cold here in Connecticut. While red was my lip color of choice for the winter months, I can guarantee you this hot pink will be my shade for Spring. The color reminds me somewhat of Lime Crime's Centrifuschia. It just brightens up the whole face, while keeping my lips moist and supple all day. This product is also surprisingly long wearing. It lasts even through a day of eating and drinking with minimal touch ups needed. The texture initially reminded me of the Lime Crime Velvetines, but more moisturizing. As I've worn this more, I think it's a bit more unique. It's long wearing, light, and moisturizing, plus it's jam packed with antioxidants.  

I hope you enjoyed this peek at Enkore Makeup's latest addition to the Shot Glaze family. They will be available for purchase in April, so keep an eye out! 

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  1. that color is gorgeous!! i have added this to my want-list.

  2. looks like a great product and also vegan

  3. Wow! That is a seriously pigmented gloss! Such a pretty color as well and I love it with your eyeshadow choices too! Gorgeous :)


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