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Top 5 Fall Eyeshadows - Collab

This Post Contains Both Products Purchased
By Me and Samples Sent For Consideration
Top 5 Fall Eyeshadows (collab)
It is with great pleasure that I am introducing my favorite fall eyeshadows in collaboration with my friends Catherine from Buying Cruelty Free and Christine from Makeup Guinea Pig. As always, all three of our posts include only products that are cruelty-free (not tested on animals).  If you love makeup, you probably love Fall makeup, and more specifically, Fall eyeshadow. This year, the trends we've seen include everything from mattes to metallics, and bold to subdued.  I've tried to include a little bit of everything in this post, but as usual it was super hard to narrow it down to just five, especially this season. 
Some people follow trends, others don't. I personally, love trends and am always willing to try something new, no matter how crazy or off the spectrum it may be. That being said, I believe the five shadows I chose are wearable for just about everyone, regardless of your makeup preferences. 
Here are my five must-have eyeshadows for the Fall season: 
  1. Stila Fire (from In The Know Eye Shadow Palette)
  2. Arbonne Java eye shadow 
  3. Stila Dahlia (available in single & 10 pan eye shadow palette)
  4. Sugarpill Poison Plum
  5. The Balm Shady Lady All About Alex (available in single & Shady Lady palette)   
Stila Fire: This shade is included in the palette called In The Know. It's an all matte palette, and one of my favorites from the brand. Orange is a huge eyeshadow trend for fall, and this one from Stila is particularly wearable. Although it is a matte shade, it can be applied dry or wet depending on the level of intensity you prefer. While it may look intimidating in the pan, when used in conjunction with a warm brown, it's earthiness really is wearable.  I find this shade in particular makes my blue eyes really stand out since orange and blue are complimentary colors. 

Arbonne Java: While previous seasons have been all about dewiness, this Fall there is a definite focus on matte.  Java is a medium dark brown with a matte finish. I chose this shade because Pantone has declared the color Carafe as one of their Fall 2013 colors.  As I sifted through my collection, this shade seemed the closest to the Pantone shade. Everyone needs a good matte brown in their collection, and this shade is the perfect contour color.

Stila Dahlia: Prune is another popular shade this fall. This deepened matte purple color from Stila is a personal favorite that I have had in my kit for a while. I have it both as a single and as part of a larger palette. This matte purple/blue shade can be applied dry or wet. I'll often use it on a dampened push liner brush to line the eyes because it adds more dimension than black. This color is highly pigmented, and blends like a dream. If you use a fluffier brush, you can also use this as a wash of color allover the eye, which is how we've seen colors like this worn on many of the runways for Fall 2013. 

 As I write this post, Dahlia is currently available on sale as part of the Stila 10 pan eye shadow palette for $35.
Above (left to right): Stila Dahlia, Arbonne Java, Stila Fire
Sugarpill Poison Plum: Another one of the Pantone Fall 2013 colors is Acai.  While I do actually have an eyeshadow by this name from Tarte, it was a limited edition from last holiday season, so I decided to include this version from Sugarpill instead. Poison Plum is one of my all time favorite purple eyeshadows. It's a deepened matte purple with a somewhat satin finish. I purchased this color in the Burning Heart quad, but it is also sold separately. The pigment is rich, smooth and you get a lot of product in the pan.  Try it as a contour color, or solo for one hell of a bold smokey eye. 

 Above (left to right): Sugarpill Poison Plum, Stila Dahlia, Arbonne Java, Stila Fire

The Balm Shady Lady All About Alex: Although matte skin is a must this fall, we are also seeing a metallic look on the eyes. All About Alex, found in the Shady Lady palette, is a color I love so much, that I actually purchased the single as well. This shade looks good on all skin tones, and is a favorite of mine among my entire eyeshadow collection. It's a golden khaki olive color, that looks different depending on how the light hits it. Aside from how beautiful the color is, the texture is out of this world. The Balm makes some of the best eyeshadow on the market texture wise, and anyone from beginners to experienced artists will appreciate how pigmented and blendable the formula is. This shade holds is own and can be worn solo without help from any outside colors. Seriously, if you don't own this eyeshadow, you should. It is truly perfection in a pan. 

 All About Alex is available in the Shady Lady Palette or as a single

I hope you enjoyed this look at my favorite fall eyeshadows.  Don't forget to check out Catherine & Christine's posts as well. We are all on Twitter too!

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Here is a fall look I created using Stila Fire & Arbonne Java:

What are your favorite eyeshadows for Fall?
Please share in the comments below.  
*This post contains both products purchased by me, and samples sent for consideration. I do not get paid to write reviews. I do not get any commissions if you purchase any of these products. All opinions are my own, and 100% honest, always. 


  1. Oh wow Stila Fire is really bold and gorgeous. The Arbonne grey reminds me of the Inglot 326 I included, such a nice fall shade that's a little unexpected, a break from the typical bronze and golds and browns. And oh my gosh All About Alex... stunning! I'd been searching my shadows wanting to include a color like that, a deep olive-y, khaki that didn't lean too pine tree evergreen (which I think of for winter), but didn't have anything quite like it

    1. I love Stila Fire. It's my favorite color in the palette. It really makes my eyes look even more blue. All About Alex is my favorite shade by The Balm. I have almost all of their eyeshadows and this is the only one that I ran out and also bought the single as a backup. The texture is really amazing. Buttery soft and blends beautifully. I highly recommend it!

  2. Love your picks and the look you created looks beautiful! I wanted to include "Fire" too, but I don't have the palette so I haven't actually used it. :) It just screamed fall to me when I swatched it. I really need to try some Sugarpill shadows. That purple is gorgeous! The Balm shade looks stunning too! All are lovely...thank goodness Christmas is soon! ;)

    1. I bought all my Sugarpill shadows from Beautylish. I really love how they show swatches on different skin tones on their site. Plus their customer service is amazing. Haha. I know, I am still thinking about what makeup to ask for for Christmas. It's so hard. Tarte comes out with great gift sets every year. I love holiday makeup kits.

  3. i don't have any sugapill shadows either but i'm loving that palette

    1. Sugarpill is a great brand. I'm a big fan of the packaging, plus they have a lot of vegan options. Poison Plum by Sugarpill is actually my favorite purple eyeshadow of all time. It looks amazing on those with green eyes. It's so vibrant for those who like a more dramatic look.


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