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Review: Indie Lee Skincare

This post contains both products purchased by me,
and samples sent for consideration 


 A couple of months ago, I attended an event hosted by Beautylish.  At this event, I got to meet Indie Lee, who was also there a guest.  She comes across as one of those people that just loves life. Her friendly, warm personality makes people instantly gravitate toward her. I soon learned that Beautylish would be selling her skincare line as one of their online boutiques. Since I frequently shop the site, I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to try some of the products from her line. If you've read my post about my skincare routine a couple of months back, you'll know that I am obsessive when it comes to taking care of my skin. 

If you missed that post, you can read it here: 

One of my biggest skincare concerns is the delicate skin under my eyes.  For this reason, I have tried countless eye creams, and I am religious about always hydrating this area.  I had just run out of the Tarte eye cream I was using, and decided to replace it with the Calendula Eye Balm from Indie Lee. I also purchased Indie Lee Moisturizing Oil in Lavender Chamomile, and received the CoQ-10 Toner as a gift as well as a sample of the Squalane Facial Oil from Beautylish.   I noticed a difference in my skin almost immediately after I began using Indie Lee skincare. The day I received my order I could not wait to try my new products out. I began testing everything out that evening. When I woke up the next morning and looked in the mirror, my skin looked smoother and more hydrated than normal. Of course I wanted to run to my computer and write a blog post right away. However, I decided to hold off, and try the products continuously for a bit longer so that my review would be more helpful to those considering purchasing any items from the line. 

Here is a look at the products I've been using from Indie Lee: 

Indie Lee CoQ-10 Toner:
Unfortunately I was not able to attend the DIY beauty event hosted by Beautylish and Indie Lee, last month, but Beautylish was kind enough to send me this gem that guests received in their gift bags anyway. I've been using it for about a month now morning and evening after cleansing my skin. I simply pump some out onto a cotton round and sweep it over my face and neck. This toner is alcohol-free and contains the antioxidant CoQ10.  It also contains hydrating ingredients like aloe vera and Hyaluronic acid.  
Toners tend to get a bad rap because of the overly drying astringents once found on the market. This one is actually hydrating and the perfect way to refresh the skin.  I find it quite soothing, and it is honestly one of the best toners I've ever used. This is ideal for normal to dry skin types, which is exactly what I need as we head into the winter months. Once I run out of this I will definitely be buying another bottle.

Indie Lee Moisturizing Oil in Lavender Chamomile: 
I knew I wanted to try a facial oil from this brand when I was placing my order and decided to purchase the Lavender Chamomile one based on the reviews I'd read online.  The scent of this is just amazing.  What surprised me most about this product when I received it is how much you get in the bottle. 
When I compare it to previous oils I've used such as Josie Maran's Argan oil, the size is truly impressive. I'm really glad you get so much, because I use this not only on my face, but also in my hair and as a body moisturizer. I tend to use this product only at night, because of the calming effect lavender has.  
Again, the bottle has a pump-style dispenser and one pump is enough to do my full face and neck.This absorbs easily into the skin, and when applied in the evening, I wake up with glowing, smooth and hydrated skin. I do tend to suffer from breakouts on occasion, but this oil does not irritate my skin at all. It's formulated with jojoba, which works for all skin types.

Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil:
Beautylish sent me a little sample bottle of this product in an adorable little bag that says "try me!"  This facial oil is olive-derived and intended to promote elasticity and increase cell regeneration.  Some have even noticed a reduction in age spots after long term use. I used this product mostly in the morning, applying a few drops to my face and neck after cleansing and toning my skin.  I absolutely love this before makeup. It's extremely hydrating, and absorbs quickly.  It works especially well when applied before mineral foundation.
The small sample size I got came with a medicine dropper style applicator, but I believe the full size has a pump like the other products in her line do. I personally did not notice a reduction in the small spots I have around my eyes after using this, but I only tried this small sample. However I purchased the full size today, so I'll be sure to report back after I've used the product for a bit longer. What I have noticed, is how light and fresh my skin felt after I applied this oil. It is not as thick as argan oil, and seems to absorb more easily into the skin. If you haven't enjoyed other face oils in the past, this might be a good one to try because of how weightless it feels on the skin.  This oil is non-comedogenic, which makes it ideal for those with acne prone skin. 
Indie Lee Calendula Eye Balm:
I just looked on Beautylish, and this product is actually sold out now!  I'm not surprised at all because it is AMAZING. This is the one product I recommend to everyone. The smooth balmy texture just melts into the skin creating the perfect layer of moisture around my eyes. It leaves the skin with a dewy appearance wherever applied. In the colder months I am sometimes prone to dry patches on my skin.  I apply a tiny bit of this balm to the dry patch at night and the next morning it it significantly better. I am completely in love with this product, and will repurchase once I run out. Though I suspect this little jar will last me for a long time, because you really only need the tiniest amount for your under eye area. I use this both morning and evening, and have already noticed that my dark circles seem much less noticeable. One of my biggest complaints about other eye creams is that when I apply it in the morning, by mid day, my under eye area looks dry again, making my fine lines more noticeable. This balm not only hydrates the area, but the hydration is actually long lasting, making my lines far less noticeable. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products listed in this post, you can do so here: Indie Lee

Have you tried any products from Indie Lee? If so, what are your favorites? Tell me in the comments below. 

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  1. I've been eyeing this brand too. I'm glad you like the facial oil and eye cream! I want to try those. xoxo

  2. I bought my mother some oil squanous for her 60 birthday and it is marvelous. We are getting the eye cream too.


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