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Furless Black Beauty Makeup Brush Set - Review

This post contains products sent for consideration

Furless Black Beauty Makeup Brush Set

For the past two weeks I have been testing out some new brushes from the brand Furless. For those of you not familiar with the brand, Furless is a company based in Australia, but they ship allover the world.  All of the brushes they carry are completely cruelty free (made of synthetic bristles).   I'm no stranger to this brand, and have several brushes from them in my collection.  I was honored when they offered to send me a set of their new Black Beauty Makeup Brushes to test out and review.  I have been using these brushes exclusively for approximately two weeks now, including washing them to really test out their durability, and different uses for each brush.  

The Case:

The case that houses these brushes is nice and compact. It is actually quite surprising as this is a full set of brushes with full length handles, making it ideal for traveling or fitting in your makeup kit. It has a faux leather-like texture with the name "FURLESS" embossed on the cover. The case zippers open to reveal both sides filled with brushes, eight of them in total.  Closed, the case is under 10 inches tall, and under 4 inches wide.

The Brushes:

The first brush, the brand calls their "Multi-purpose Blending Brush."  I absolutely love this brush for applying foundation. Because of the large brush head, I can apply foundation to a full face very quickly. I used this to apply cream foundation on a bride and it got the job done faster than any other foundation brush in my collection. It applies and blends out the product quickly and effortlessly. I tested this brush with both liquid and cream foundations.  The tapered head also makes it great for contouring with cream products.  This is my favorite brush in the set.  The quality is unbelievable. It reminds me of the Marc Jacobs foundation brushes available at Sephora if you are looking for a quality comparison.

The second brush is the Black Beauty Powder Brush. I actually think it's quite difficult to find good quality synthetic brushes in this size and shape. The tapered head and size of the bristles make this a great brush for powdering the face, especially if you like to just powder the t-zone or powder with more precision. You could also use this to apply blush or bronzer. The bristles are super soft, and I love the sleek black handles on all of the brushes in the set. Each of these brushes is also sold individually.

The final "face brush" in this set is the Angled Contour Brush. This works great for powder and cream contouring as well as blush. The angled shape makes it easy to apply product with one end of the brush while blending with the other. I also used the tip to add powder highlighter to the face.

Eye Brushes: 

The first eye brush in the set is the Mini Angled Eyeshadow Kabuki Brush. I love using this brush to apply eyeshadow primer, cream eyeshadow, or concealer under the eye. The angled head makes it easy to get into the corner of the eyes and the bristles are soft enough for the delicate eye area. 

The Black Beauty Eyeshadow Brush is a flat paddle eyeshadow brush which is perfect for packing eyeshadow color onto the lid. The bristles are staggered bringing the brush to a nice tapered tip.  This brush picks up powder eyeshadow with ease, but can also be used to apply primer or apply cream eyeshadow. 

The Blending Crease Brush is probably my second favorite from the set. I love a good blending brush, and this one is a really nice size.  The brush head isn't overwhelmingly large as many blending brushes are.  I found this brush to work well on a variety of eye sizes and shapes. The tapered bristles fit perfectly in the natural socket of the eye, and I was able to get a perfect blend with this brush.

The Angled Liner Brush is thin enough to use with gel eyeliner, and also works great for filling in brows. I am really happy with the size and shape of the bristles on this particular angled brush, because it's narrower head allows you to get a much more precise line, especially if you want to use it for winged liner.

If you are a gel eyeliner lover, this Precision Eyeliner Brush is a must have! The bristles are long and thin enough to get very close to the upper lash line. I also used this damp with powder shadow for a softer lined look. 

Overall, the Black Beauty Makeup Brush Set is an amazing value. The quality of the brushes is extremely high end, and absolutely professional. While the case is compact and it appears to be a travel set, all of the brushes have full length handles.  This set would work great for a professional makeup artist, or anyone looking for a very high quality brush set.  You can purchase the set here:

Furless was also kind enough to send me 2 eyeshadow brushes, a lip brush and a stippling brush.  They are all pictured in the first photo of this post, but I wanted to give special mention to the stippling brush, because this size is something I get asked about a lot. 

 Left to right (above): Bdellium Tools 955, Furless PPF3,  Zoeva 125 Stippling (short handle)
The PPF3 Stippling brush is a smaller sized stippling brush.  This size is somewhat difficult to find in high quality synthetic brushes. It's great for applying cream blush, foundation, or highlighter. For size comparison, I pictured it above along two other stippling brushes in my collection. It has a long sleek black handle with the Furless logo stamped on it.  If you like stippling brushes, this is a great one to have in your collection. I think a cruelty-free brush of this circumference is difficult to find.

 Above: The lip brush inside the case is nice and compact

Furless also included the above Lip Brush (PL1) which is a must have for makeup artists. The cap snaps to the end making it a nice full length brush. The brush head comes to a sharp point making it easy to get into the corners of the mouth when applying ab lip product.

I was also sent the PE2 eyeshadow brush, which is a purple fluffy eyeshadow brush. It's more narrow than the Black Beauty Eyeshadow brush, with longer bristles. This is a good brush to apply and blend eyeshadow if you are looking for something multipurpose. 

I was also sent an eyeshadow brush from the Furless Perfectly Pink line. This brush has shorter denser bristles making ideal for smudging shadow or liner along the lower lash line. This brush is called a Stubby Blending Brush, which is exactly the perfect way to describe it!

If you haven't tried Furless brushes yet, I highly recommend them. The shipping is surprisingly fast and affordable, and their selection of cruelty-free brushes is among the best I've seen.  I've been very happy with not only the brushes I tested above, but also brushes I've purchased from the brand in the past. 

Their full selection can be seen here:

Thank you Furless for sending me these brushes to test out and review for my readers!

*This post contains samples sent for consideration.  I did not get paid to write this review, nor did I promise a favorable review.  All opinions are my own, and completely honest.


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