Sunday, May 13, 2018

One Palette, Three Looks (Series) - Look 3 Using Shayla X ColourPop Perception Palette

Here it is folks, the final look in my series. I really hope this blog series helps you to get the most out of your palettes. While I tried to use a variety of colors from the palette, I must admit that I have a few favorites that I find myself using for every look. Culture (soft matte brown, that is quite warm) has been my go-to crease color for just about every look. Unbothered is turning out to be a favorite, as is Revenge. I am well aware that some people are getting sick of the warm toned palettes and looks, but orange shades truly make my blue eyes stand out so I do reach for them a lot when doing my own makeup. However the Perception palette does have a large variety of color options, so I think there really is something for everyone. 

Here is how I got the 3rd look in my series:

To start, I used a fluffy brush to blend Culture into the crease. This color blends evenly & smoothly, but I did bring in a second clean brush to diffuse the edges.

To deepen the crease a bit more,  I used Revenge, blending that up and into Culture using the same fluffy brush.

Here is where I really wanted to try something different. Green is not a color I use often on myself.  So I chose I.E. (metallic green with gold shift), for my lid color. I applied it with a flat brush using patting and swiping motions. 

At the point where my lid color met my crease, I blended a bit more using the first brush. Then, picking up some pressed powder that matched my skin tone, I applied it just below the brow bone and down blended to soften the edges. 

The only shade this palette is missing for me is a lighter matte color. I tend to favor mattes under my brow, but that is just a matter of personal preference. I am sure those with a deeper skin tone are constantly frustrated with light matte colors that don't work for their skin tone. I have plenty of light matte shadows in my collection to use, or a pressed powder with good pigmentation (as I used here) can work just as well. 

Using a brush I picked up at an art supply store, I tightlined using Wet n Wild Creme Eyeliner in Carbon My Reach. 

To finish off the look, I applied just a smidge of Unbothered to the inner corner of my eye, bringing it on the upper and lower lid about 1/8th of the way in. Unbothered (ivory with peach flecks) blends beautifully into I.E. with little effort.

I swept the matte shades that I used in my crease along the lower lash line as well before brushing my brows & adding mascara. 

 Here is the final look:

As a bonus, here is a fourth look:

I wore the below eyeshadow look today using Culture & Thic from the Perception palette as well as Vibrate and Inhale from the Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette.

I noticed the mattes in the Perception palette compliment Urban Decay's Naked Petite Heat Palette quite well. See below swatches.

Can you tell which row has Urban Decay shadows and which is ColourPop? 

Thank you for reading. What palette would you like to see next in this series?

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