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The Essential 18 of 2018

Welcome back to another look at my 2018 favorites. This time, I am bringing you my essential makeup brushes of 2018.  While there were many favorites, and not all of these were new to my collection, this list sums up the top 18 that got the most use in my makeup routine last year.

Here are my essential 18 makeup brushes of 2018:

  1. From the Wet n Wild 10 Piece Brush Collection the Flat Top Foundation Brush is the perfect tool for buffing in liquid, powder or cream foundation. The ergonomic handle, makes it comfortable to hold, and I purchased the set on sale at my local Walgreens for only $15!
  2. Next up, is an old favorite from IT Cosmetics. Their Heavenly Luxe French Boutique Blush Brush has been a longtime staple in my collection. At $34.50 each, this high-end brush is worth every penny.  Aside from performing well, the design is a lovely addition to any makeup table. 
  3. When it comes to eyeshadow application, having a high quality tapered blending brush that you can depend on is extremely important. That is why Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Tapered Blending Brush made my list. The small size, and super tapered tip makes applying and blending eyeshadow completely effortless. This $20 brush is vegan, right down to the adhesive used in making it!
  4. When it comes to bronzing brushes, the Marc Jacobs Beauty The Bronze - Bronzer Brush No. 12 is a favorite in the makeup community. At $78 it is one of the most expensive brushes that I own, but with close to 200 five-star reviews on the Sephora app, it is pretty obvious that I am not alone in thinking this brush is amazing. The extra large size, is ideal for bronzing the body.  To get a natural glow anytime of year, I use this brush to dust bronzer onto my neck, shoulders and chest area, for a perfectly blended tan. 
  5. Moving back to my Wet n Wild 10 Piece Brush Collection, the Large Powder Brush in this set earns a spot on my list.  The tapered tip helps apply powder products with precision, and the bristles are soft and fluffy enough for a perfect blend. 
  6. Crown Brush Pro Deluxe Fan Brush has been in my kit for years. With how popular highlighters were last year, it got more use than ever before. At only $11.95, this brush is a steal.  I love it for applying powder products to the neck and decollete as well. 
  7. Contouring was also super popular in 2018.  The Fenty Match Stix were a big hit for me, and I loved using the Wet n Wild Flat Contour Brush from their 10 Piece Brush Collection to blend it out. The shape works perfectly for just below the cheekbones. 
  8. The Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu #776 Blending Brush has made my brush favorites list since I bought it. This is such an underrated makeup brush! For $6.12 it is the perfect eye brush for blending cream or powder eyeshadow. 
  9. With all the highlighting I did last year, I found myself using a number of different brushes to get the job done.  The brush I used depend on the type of highlighter as well as the placement. To highlight the very tops of my cheekbones using a lighter application, I found myself reaching for the Wet n Wild Tapered Highlighting Brush from their 10 Piece Brush Collection. 
  10. If you have been reading my blog for years, you probably know that I am a huge fan of the Kelley Quan Synthetic Blue Squirrel Tapered Brush - Large.  I have seen more and more brand coming out with synthetic blue squirrel hair brushes, but my favorite is still the original. At $65 each, I own multiples in my kit because this brush is extremely useful. It blends out any harsh lines with ease, and creates the most natural looking finish on the skin when blending out powder products. 
  11. The Lottie London Bronzer Brush is the first I've purchased from this brand.  I just love the super wide bristles on this angled brush for applying bronzer to the face. 
  12. 2018 marks the first time I tried Kat Von D makeup brushes.  Her Powder Contour Brush is a must-have for those higher pigment powders.  This brush is great for sculpting, and defining cheekbones, and truly makes application effortless. 
  13. Last year, I did not skip on luxury.  The BeautyCounter Angled Blush Brush is another high-end favorite for blush application. At $35, this brush is great for blush, contour, and bronzer.  The bristles are high-performance and the brush is weighted at the bristles for a more comfortable feel. 
  14. Speaking of blush, I must mention the Blush Brush from the Wet n Wild 10 Piece Brush Collection. This brush truly rivals higher end brands, and is not just pretty to look at. It truly applies and blends blush like a dream! 
  15. While I named a few highlight brushes on this list, the Sephora Pro Highlight #98 brush is probably the most versatile. It is ideal for products that work best painted on, and is a unique size to my collection. I am really happy I added this brush to my stash last year, because I had been eyeing it for a while. 
  16. If you are looking for a slightly larger brush than the Sephora #98, I recommend the Arbonne Precision Brush. This one has been in my collection for a while, and is ideal for more dispersed color placement. 
  17. Many Makeup Artists use actual art brushes for makeup application. Last year, I added the Princeton Velvetouch Oval Mop brush to my collection for use as an eyeshadow blending brush. The size and shape is just perfect for the eye area, and the price was a bargain. 
  18. Last, but certainly not least, is the It's Likely Makeup X Furless Cosmetics Collab PRO3M Brush. I loved the entire set, but this brush changed my makeup game!  Unlike other pencil brushes, the short, dense, dome shape make this ideal for not only the lower lash line, but also getting color really precise on the outer corner of the eye. This brush is truly multipurpose, and great for makeup lovers and professionals alike. 

I have to give an honorable mention to my Aveda Inner Light Foundation Brush. I feel very confident that anyone who buys this brush will love it. I use this brush mostly when applying mineral foundation, but it works equally as well with liquid and creams. When I first bought this brush for $40, I had no idea how much I would love it. This was absolutely one of my favorite products of 2018, and if I had a 19th spot, would make my most used brush list as well.  

I hope you enjoyed this look at my 18 essential makeup brushes of 2018.  
What brushes did you use the most last year?  

*Note: Some of the brushes in this post may have been sent for consideration by the company. I do not get paid to write reviews, or write sponsored posts. I do not accept products in exchange for reviews. All opinions are my own. I will disclose that I am a Crown Brush affiliate.  However, I only make a small commission if you shop through my dedicated link.

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