Friday, June 21, 2019

Need Brushes? Buy These!

If I were starting my makeup brush collection over from scratch, the first thing I would want is a good set of eye brushes. When I started this blog, finding high quality brushes with synthetic bristles in the perfect shapes and sizes was not easy. Today, there are so many choices that it can feel overwhelming. 

That is why I am so excited about the 200 Series Eye Set from Units. This brand is available on and contains five brushes plus a canvas travel case for only $30. 

Note: In the above photo, I placed a white palette under the bristles so you can see them better. The black bristles tend to blend in against the black case in pictures. 

These brushes are amazing quality. They rival even the most expensive eye brushes in my collection. 

Here is what you get in the set:
  • UNIT 201 Detail Brush: This is a very small brush that works like a pencil brush, but with more give to the bristles. I love it for blending along the lower lash line and outer corner of the eye. 
  • UNIT 202 Flat Shader Brush: This is the perfect size for applying shadow to the eyelid. Because it is smaller than your average flat shader brush, it is easy to get into the inner corner of the lid. The bristles come to a nice taper so it can also be used along the lower lash line. 
  • UNIT 203 Crease Contour Brush: This is a smaller sized blending brush that is great for crease work. 
  • UNIT 204 Large Flat Shader Brush: If you have been following me for a while it will come as no surprise that this brush is my favorite in the set. It is comparable to the brush from the Wayne Goss Synthetic Set, and such a great multitasker. 
  • UNIT 205 Large Crease Contour Brush: While similar to the 203 brush in this set, the 205 is larger and fluffier. I use this throughout my eyeshadow application to blend out any edges.

Here is a look at the set in action:

Why do I love this set so much? The vegan bristles are amazing quality. The handles are matte white cedarwood with an aluminum ferrule. You really can't beat the price. I can't think of any other brushes of this quality available at this price. These are the kind of brushes that even those who prefer animal hair bristles will love. They are sleek, easy to clean and the ideal handle length for personal or professional use. 

Below is an eye look I created yesterday using the Norvina palette from Anastasia. I used only these brushes.

A closer look:

What do you think? 

*The brushes in this post were purchased by me. I do not get paid to write reviews. This post is not sponsored. 

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