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A Complete Guide to Fall 2019 Makeup Looks - Looks 2-4

A Complete Guide to Fall 2019 Makeup Looks - Look 2-4

*All products in this post purchased by me.  Not sponsored. 

As promised, this next look will be all about the perfect lip colors for Fall 2019. This post will show three looks in total, all daytime appropriate. All three of them will begin with the same foundation and brow makeup.

For your foundation:

  1. Prep your skin.  I recommend a good moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type.  If there are parts of your face that get particularly shiny or oily throughout the day, you may want to add a primer to those sections. 
  2. Prepare your tools. Wet your beauty sponge and decide which brushes you will use. This comes down to personal preference, though I will offer guidance along the way.
  3. Apply your foundation. Start with the areas of your face that need the most coverage first.  Work in light layers, allowing the product to soak into your skin before adding more. The goal is to even out the skin, but we still want it to look like skin.
  4. Add the finishing touches.  Now you can add your liquid highlighter and concealer as needed.
  5. Set everything with a light layer of powder. Be cautious not to powder too heavily over the areas that you want your liquid highlighter to shine through. Depending on your skin type, you may want to leave the tops of your cheekbones powder free.  Otherwise, you can add a powder highlight over your powder at the end if desired. 

For natural looking brows:

  1. Choose your weapon(s). Decide on a pencil, pomade, powder, wax, gel or any combination that you desire. 
  2. Brush your brow hairs up with a spoolie. If necessary you may trim just the tips with a small pair of scissors, but natural brows are in so I recommend doing as little cutting/tweezing as possible. 
  3. Start by emphasizing the bottom of your brow with the product(s) you chose in step one above. This will help even out the shape of your brows. 
  4. Draw hair like strokes through any sparse areas of your brows with your pencil or brow powder.
  5. Give a final brush through with your spoolie to blend in the product and set with a brow gel if desired. 

Now for Look 2

The Trend: Red lips (try crimson or oxblood)

This season lipstick should be worn in a very effortless way.  With your foundation on and brows groomed, all you need is a swipe of lipstick and you are ready to go!  Lipstick can be worn in a stain or glossy (concentrated in the center). For a more casual look, you may want to try a red that leans more gingerbread or even plum in hue. 

Some of my favorites are: Urban Decay in the color Gash, Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Designer Blood or Redrum, NYX Pump it Up Lip Plumper in Scarlett, Too Faced Melted Matte Long Wear Lipstick in Gingerbread Man. 

I used Redrum from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, painting it onto the center of my lips then spreading it over the rest of my lips using my pinky finger. 

Here is the final look:

I did end up adding a touch of mascara to my lashes after curling them. However, if you feel comfortable feel free to leave your lashes bare. 

Look 3

The Trend: Monochromatic looks in terracotta and/or mauve

For this look, I used the color mauve throughout the entirety of my face. Again, my foundation and brows were the same as above.  I was inspired by my Cover FX Monochromatic Blush Duo in Mojave Mauve.  This blush is just so stunning and easy to blend. Mauve has always been a color that just works for me. I began by applying the matte side of this blush duo onto my cheeks, and then applied the shimmery side in a light layer over it, focusing mostly on the tops of my cheekbones.  Instead of eyeshadow, I used this same blush duo on my eyes. Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, I swept a light layer of the matter color through the crease of my eyes, and then tapped some of the shimmery side onto my eyelids. Using a cotton swab, I applied a little bit of the matte color along my lower lash line. For lips, I used a mixture of Urban Decay's glossy pencil in Lovechild and Tarte lipstick in Plummy Rose.  Then I patted just a tiny touch of the shimmery side of the blush duo onto the center of my lips to bring everything together. 

Due to the popularity of monochromatic makeup looks, many brands have eyeshadow and lipstick of the same color.  For example, Jeffree Star Cosmetics has eyeshadow and Velour Liquid Lipstick in colors Androgyny, Celebrity Skin and Dominatrix (to name a few).You may even want to use those eyeshadows as blush for the full monochromatic look!  Have fun and search your stash for colors that will liven up your look but still look good on cheeks, eyes and lips. 

Here is the final look:

As you can see, I skipped mascara for this look.  I did curl my lashes to keep the eyes open and bright. If you must wear mascara, try applying only one coat to the top lashes only. This is a great look for any occasion, and works well in the office, or using a richer color and some liner for evening. 

Look 4

The Trend: Natural makeup

This look is the easiest to pull off, and is suitable for everyday. It is not a "no makeup" type of look, but rather one that sticks to a more natural color palette. 

The Urban Decay Naked Palettes are a great pick for this look. I used the Naked 3 Palette, but you can use any of the Naked Palettes you prefer. You will want two matte eyeshadow colors (one highlight and one contour) and one shimmery color. I used Strange (an extremely light neutral matte pink), Burnout (matte light dusty rose) and Limit (pinky-peach satin) for my three shadows. 

You can use an eyeshadow primer if desired, then take your matte highlight eyeshadow and apply it from lash line up to just under your brow.  Using a crease brush, sweep your matte contour shadow through the crease of the eye. The colors should be light and blended together to keep everything very natural looking. Pat some of the shimmery eyeshadow on the eyelid to bring light to the look. 

Next, tight line your upper lash line with a brown eye pencil. I used Dominatrix (chocolate brown) Lip Liner from Jeffree Star Cosmetics (eye safe). Coat your top lashes only with mascara.  I used Ilia After Midnight Mascara to add some length. For blush, I used Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed (a very natural looking nude color).  You want something that looks very natural and doesn't lean to pink or peach.  Matte formulas are best for natural makeup looks. If you do want to add a bit of a highlight for the appearance of a dewy complexion, use a fan brush to sweep The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer on the tops of cheekbones. To keep everything looking as natural as possible, I went over the edges of my highlight and blush with a damp beauty sponge from Real Techniques. 

Finish off lips with a thin layer of gloss that is close to your natural lip color. 

Here is the final look:

I hope you enjoyed these daytime appropriate makeup looks. All three are quite easy to apply and are classic looks that never really go out of style, despite being on trend this season.  I have one more daytime look that is a bit more on the fun side coming up, and then a couple of evening looks to finish out the season.  Sadly, here in Chicago it has been quite snowy already so it does not feel like fall at all!

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*All products in this post were purchased by me.  This is not a sponsored post. I do not get paid to write reviews or include any specific products in my posts.  All opinions are my own. 

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