Saturday, June 16, 2012

Before And After

Before :


The above pictures are a great example how a little bit of makeup can complete your look, making you look more polished and put together. This woman has very good skin to begin with, so there wasn't really anything I wanted to cover up, instead, there were features, that I simply wanted to enhance. For example, I wanted to show off her beautiful skin, so I used a light application of BB Cream. This provided a sheer coverage, while evening out skin tone, and protecting it with a light SPF.  Her brows are nicely shaped, but I enhanced that shape using a brow pencil in Medium Blonde. I then used eyeshadow to define the contour of her eye, and add some brightness to the lid. I used a tiny amount of NYX shimmer pigment in Nude Pearl just under the brow bone. I used a cream blush, and cream highlighter, a nude lip liner and lip gloss topped with just a dot of white shimmer gloss in the center to make her lips look fuller. She did not have any dark circles to cover, but I did use a highlighting concealer just under the eye to brighten things up. This was her first time wearing false eyelashes, which I applied using lash glue. I used a mineral foundation just on the t-zone area to mattify, similar to what I did in the summer wedding look in my earlier post. This was a quick and easy look for a night out. The goal was to make her still look like herself, just a better version of herself, by enhancing her lovely features.

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