Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Makeup - Bridal (beach wedding)

As promised, below is my take on makeup for a beach wedding. Some of the important items from my first post, still apply.  Primer is still important here, however there are some important differences for a beach wedding:
  • If possible, use waterproof makeup, not just waterproof mascara
  • Consider that natural light isn't forgiving, so your makeup needs to account for that
  • Swap out foundation for a tinted moisturizer
This model, had flawless skin to begin with, so I didn't want to hide it.  Instead I used a tinted moisturizer, mixed with a little bit of primer, and applied it with an airbrush foundation brush lightly, allowing her skin to still show through.  I wanted to create a somewhat sun-kissed look, so I used a gel bronzer from Stila, which I applied with a precision kabuki brush.  However, I took into consideration that she is fair, and did not want her to look unnatural on her wedding day. I think the major difference between a beach wedding, and a traditional wedding, is that the makeup is more low key.  You want to use less product, so it's less likely to melt off in the hot sun of the beach. I did not go heavy with shimmer highlighters here either, in the direct sunlight, that would look too glittery. I did use some light shimmery eyeshadow to highlight the eyes, but in neutral colors. A coral colored cream lipstick fits in perfectly with the vibe of a beachy wedding theme. I did use a tiny bit of concealer, and makeup was set with a very light dusting of mineral powder foundation, rather than traditional powder, as these formulas tend to be more creamy in nature, but set to a powder finish to control shine. Again, I did not use false lashes, as I have heard one too many horror stories of brides who end up with a lash stuck to their cheek by the end of the night, not something  a bride should be worried about on her big day. 

Frontal view:

 Eye, up close:

 Outside, in natural sunlight:
 Sun-kissed cheek bones:
Next: Avant Garde- High Fashion Makeup ...

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