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Liebster Award - Cruelty Free Edition

Liebster Award

Two of my friends from Twitter nominated me for a Liebster Award! Thank you Manuela from The Small Rabbit Hops and Catherine from Buying Cruelty-Free.

What's a Liebster Award? 

It’s like a chain of letters, with a difference : we share blogs that we love!
But it doesn’t mean there’s no rules!

Here they are :
1- Once nominated, you have to publish about it on your blog & of course, thank the person who nammed you by linking to his or her blog.
2- In your post, you have to tell us 11 facts about you.
3- You’ll also have to answer the 11 questions the person who nammed you left on his or her blog.
4- Choose 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers to nominate (not the person who nominated you), link to their blog and make sure you let them know they are nominated.
5- Choose 11 questions you want to be answered
6- The new nominees have to do the same, so the chain goes on!
Let’s begin!

11 Facts About Me:

  1. I love horror movies!
  2. I love animals.
  3. I love makeup.
  4. I love to sing.
  5. I used to do "extra" work in TV and movies and was even in an episode of Law and Order Criminal Intent.
  6. I've written 2 guest blog posts for PETA Living. 
  7. My favorite color is purple. 
  8. I live in Connecticut, but hate the cold. 
  9. I've been a vegetarian for nearly 16 years. 
  10. Aside from makeup, and spending time with my dogs, reading is my favorite thing to do.
  11. I feel really thankful for how far I've come, and really hopeful about the future.   

 Here are my answers to Manuela’s questions:

1- I'm sure there is a question you wish I'd ask you. What is it & what's the answer to it ?

Hmmmm. I don't know haha. I'll have to come back to you.

2- What is your favorite Cruelty Free product ?
That's a tough question to answer because all of my products are cruelty-free. I think it changes a lot because I'm always testing new products, but right now I'm obsessed with my Josie Maran Infinity Cream.

3- For what reason did you start writing your blog ?
I actually just started it because I wanted a place to showcase some of the makeup looks I've done, and to help teach women different techniques. I continue to write it, because I love helping others learn from my experience with different products, and showing people that going cruelty-free does not mean sacrificing quality in terms of beauty products.

4- Who's your celebrity crush ?
5- What is your favorite tv show and why ?
6- What are your life projects ?
I want to write a book some day. I also want to continue helping to make the world a beautiful place.
7- What would be your travel dream  ? ( no budget limit!)
I'm not really into travel that much. I'm happy as long as I'm with my dogs.
8- If you could meet with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be ? And of course, why!
Kevyn Aucoin because he was such an amazing artist, I would have loved the chance to meet him and learn from him.
9- When you were a kid, what was the job you wanted to have as a grown up ?
I wanted to be a clown, because I wanted to make people laugh.
10- If you could travel time, what would you do ?
Hmmm, never thought about that. I don't know, I think things happen for a reason, so I probably wouldn't go back in time to change anything, but it would be interesting to see certain things for sure.
11- If you were in charge of the planet & had all the powers (let's say you're a dictator), how would you rule the world & what would be your laws ? Don't forget that with great power comes great responsability!

I honestly wouldn't want that kind of responsibility! I just wish that people would be more kind to each other, but I don't think any law can really make that happen. 

Catherine's Questions
1. What inspired you to start your blog? Tell us the story of how your blog came to be.
 See above.
2. You’re going away for a month. You need to pack light so you just grab your essentials. What’s in your makeup/skincare bag?
Sunscreen is my number one thing. I love the one from Lavanilla. BB Cream, because it's a great multitasker. A good cleanser, eye makeup remover, q-tips, moisturizer, acne treatment, eye cream, waterproof mascara, A lip stain that could double as a cream blush, or cream blush that could work as a lip stain. Clear gloss. Pressed powder, blotting papers.  Yes, that's just the essentials.
3. Growing up, what did you want to be? What was your dream job?
See above 
4. What’s your favorite TV show?
See above 
5. If you could only wear one foundation for the rest of your life, which would it be?
Yikes, that's a tough one. It's a toss up between Hourglass Veil Fluid and Illamasqua Skin Base. 
6. What are your top three favorite makeup brushes?
Christopher Drummond Air Blender Brush, Bdellium Tools Green Bambu #776 blending brush, and IT Cosmetics Dual Ended Concealer/foundation brush 
7. On a typical day, how long do you spend on your beauty routine?
About an hour 
8. What’s your go-to everyday makeup look?
I don't really have one, I wear a different look every single day. However, I always try to have fresh luminous skin and highlight my eyes as much as possible. 
9. Same question but for hair – how do you usually wear your hair for everyday?
Either up in a bun, or down with my beach wave spray 
10. I’m a lip balm junkie, so I’m always interested to know – what’s your absolute favorite lip balm?
Nuance by Salma Hayek Rose Petal Hydrating Balm 

11. If you had to describe yourself in just five words, what words would you pick?
Adventurous,  caring, creative, fun, compassionate.

My 11 Questions:

  1. What is your favorite cruelty-free makeup brand and why?
  2. What's one beauty product you love that most people don't?
  3. Tell us about your blog.
  4. Who makes you smile?
  5. What one makeup item do you have the most of?
  6. What is your favorite synthetic makeup brush? 
  7. Are you a makeup artist? If not, do you want to be one? 
  8. What's the last good deed you did?
  9. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? 
  10. Holy grail skin care products; list your top 3.
  11. What's the one product you will splurge on and maybe pay a little more for a higher end brand of? 
I tag....Anyone and everyone who is cruelty free, and or thinking about going cruelty free! I want to include everyone, because I love you all!  I normally don't allow people to link to their blog in my comments, but for this post I will! If you have a cruelty free beauty blog, post it in the comments below!  Just remember, each comment is approved individually, so don't be surprised if you don't see it right away.

I hope you are having a great night. Thanks for reading, and if you like what you read, please subscribe. xoxo - LIZA

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