Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spotlight: Beautiful Creatures Eyeshadow Palette

Beautiful Creatures 

Tonight is the Oscars, so I thought I would show you a really incredible eyeshadow palette inspired by the film Beautiful Creatures. I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes, so it kind of takes a lot for me to get excited by a new one. However, this palette has really blown me away. It excites me because it is the first product I've used from the brand Purminerals. Every eyeshadow in the palette is pigmented and blends well.  All of the colors are well thought out and relate to each other well to create a variety of looks. The palette itself has the name of the film in swirly letters that help make a simple cardboard design something a little bit more special. You get a good sized mirror, and they even give you a mini gloss and full sized black eyeliner as an added bonus. 

 I purchased this palette at Ulta, but I kept the box specifically for this post. As you can see the artwork is really cool and the letters on the outside of the box are raised making this a box I really don't think I can stand to throw away! 

The back of the box shows you the colors inside as well as the names for each shade. You get eight highly pigmented blendable shadows, six of which are shimmery, one matte and one satin finish. The lip gloss is a very sheer pink and the liner is basic black, which is always handy to have. The back of the package also features the cruelty-free bunny logo.

Aside from being an awesome value ($39.00), the eyeshadows are simply amazing. I can't say enough good things about these eyeshadows. Using these shadows reminds me of the first time I used an Urban Decay eyeshadow, because I was very surprised at how pigmented, smooth and easily they blended. I personally did not experience any fallout from the shadows, but I have a lot of experience working with shimmery shades, so used the proper brushes, and always pat the shadows onto the lids rather than use a sweeping motion.

Another thing I really like about this palette, is they sort of divided the shadows into 2 quads for you. This makes it really easy if you are someone that has trouble deciding which colors to use together. You can easily do a 4 color eyeshadow look by simply using the four shades suggested on the back of the box, or four shades next to each other in the palette itself. While you can create a variety of looks, only limited by your imagination, the palette lends itself to two obvious looks; neutral daytime and smokey evening.

 Above are swatches with flash, below without.

From left to right (above): Forbidden (Taupe), Supernatural (Nude), Siren (Moss), Spellbound (Neutral-satin), Fate (Mushroom), Fantasy (Violet), Secret (matte Pink), Cursed (Plum)

I purchased this palette strictly for the eyeshadow. I consider the liner and gloss to just be an added bonus. I haven't really tested the liner for wear, but it seems to be a nice smooth black eyeliner. The gloss is very sheer (which it's supposed to be) but not sticky at all. 

Gloss in Lust (sheer Pink), Liner in Black Magic (Charcoal Black)

 Here is a look using the Spellbound, Fantasy, Secret and Cursed:

This is a limited edition palette, so I recommend you pick it up before it's gone. 
I honestly can see myself hitting pan on this so I may have to buy another as backup!  

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