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Spotlight: Kelley Quan Vegan Beauty Brushes - Face Brushes

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Kelley Quan Vegan Beauty Brushes-Face Brushes

Kelley Quan Vegan Beauty Brushes are vegan pro-quality brushes that embody luxury with a conscience.  I love brushes. I mean really really really love brushes, bordering on obsession. I've had many conversations with people about brushes, and am often asked if I've tried Hakuhodo.  For many, Hakuhodo is "the" luxury makeup brush to have. However, their brushes are made of animal hair. Although I love makeup brushes more than any normal person should, my love for animals is much greater. There are many companies that also claim to make animal hair brushes without harming the animals. I'm not calling anyone a liar. The truth is that I don't know for sure how the animal hair is obtained for any animal hair brush. I'm not there on the farm, to see what happens to these animals. I do know for sure that some companies, many companies, obtain the hair for their makeup brushes via the fur industry.  Since I am not a detective, I just can't in good conscience purchase an animal hair brush without knowing for sure where the brush comes from. This is simply my personal preference.  However, nothing is going to stop me from buying the most luxurious brush I can find sans cruelty.  I often refer to Kelley Quan Vegan Beauty Brushes as the vegan version of Hakuhodo brushes. I actually got to feel some Hakuhodo brushes that were on display at IMATS this year, and in my opinion the Kelley Quan brushes are much softer and silkier.  The reason that I compare Kelley Quan's brushes to Hakuhodo is that they are hand shaped, never cut, something very hard to find in a synthetic brush. The brushes themselves are a work of art, beautifully crafted.  I love looking at them almost as much as I love using them. 

The newest additions to my Kelley Quan brush collection are the #5 Synthetic Black Mink-Medium and #22 Synthetic Blue Squirrel Tapered-Large. I've had these for nearly a month now, so I've had a decent amount of time to test them in a variety of ways.  These are both face brushes, and the first face brushes I've tried from this collection. 

#5 Synthetic Black Mink-Medium ($38.50):  The bristles on this brush are designed to mimic the look and feel of real mink minus the cruelty. The bristles are super silky, and soft which is why I love it for professional use. When applying my own makeup, I sometimes just grab for the nearest clean brush, but when applying makeup to others, I want it to be a pampering experience for the client.  For this reason, I only use my softest brushes when applying makeup to others. This brush is ideal for applying powder highlight to the top of the cheekbones, or setting powder under the eyes. It's a medium size, which I personally prefer when working with setting powders. A brush of this size and shape allow for more precise placement. I really love using this brush with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. 

Pictured Above: The bristles are ultra silky and smooth

 Vegan Beauty Brush #22 Synthetic Blue Squirrel Tapered-Large ($65): This is a very large brush, and I have found it to be extremely useful. I consider this to be my finishing brush. It is not a traditional shaped powder brush. Brush #22 has a full, fluffy head, with bristles that taper to an angled shape. This brush is ideal for use with powder products. I will often use it to dust on finishing powder, or dust off excess if applying it with a puff.  I also like this to blend out any harsh edges from blush, contour or bronzer. The fluffiness of the bristles also allow for a nice light application of product, so it does work well with highlighting powders as well. This is one of the higher end brushes in my collection in terms of price point, but I feel the cost is well worth it for the quality. A makeup brush of this caliber will last you for years. In hind site, I wish I just bought The Complete Beauty Brush Collection.  However, if you still want to enjoy the luxury of Kelley Quan at a fraction of the price, she does offer the Vegan Beauty Brush Travel Set for only $85. 

 Like all Kelley Quan Brushes, the bristles are extremely silky

 Each brush comes numbered on one side and embossed with the Kelley Quan logo on the other

I hope you enjoyed this look at my Kelley Quan vegan face brushes. All brushes from this brand are hand crafted in the U.S.A. These brushes are hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Most synthetic brushes on the market today are made with only one type of synthetic hair. Realizing this, Kelley Quan created brushes that actually mimic real animal hair by combining a premium blend of different types of synthetic bristles. This adds texture to the brush allowing for a flawless makeup application every time.  

To learn more about Kelley Quan Vegan Beauty Brushes, check out my Synthetic Brush Guide, or visit the brand's website at:

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  1. Never heard of these before, so thank you for the post. The brushes look gorgeous!!

  2. Those sound like incredible brushes!!! Sounds like they're worth the splurge too. Thanks for sharing them!!! :)

  3. Not familiar with the brand but seem very good.

  4. thanks for reading guys! I appreciate it. yes, these brushes are totally worth the money. especially the face brushes! luxurious and amazing. worth saving up to get one :)

  5. I love my Arbonne vegan, cruelty free synthetic brushes. Only problem is - there are so many brushes in a set I have not used them all...aka -the FAN brush. I have no idea what it is for. But since Arbonne dropped the price in half and the entire set is now only $35, it's a steal. A make up artist friend of mine absolutely loves them and bought a set for every station in her salon.
    I am curious how they would compare to QK where one brush is the cost of the entire set. I am not enough of a make up guru to figure that out, but am learning much from you Liza. Thanks!

    1. Hi Rita. I recently purchased the Arbonne brush set and have been testing it out. I plan to do a full review on the set after I test it out a bit longer. I'd be happy to include how to use the fan brush in that post as well. It's great for highlighting the tops of the cheekbones. My first impression is that I think the quality is excellent for the price. It is very hard to find a full set of that quality for only $35. I wouldn't really compare them to Kelley Quan brushes, because I consider the Arbonne Brushes more of a personal use set. Kelley Quan brushes are very high qrade professional quality brushes intended for use by makeup artists, so I do think they are very different. Hope that helps!

  6. Wow the looks great.. I'm gonna use it soon.. Thanks for sharing it!

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