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Makeup Matters: Expert Interview with Sandra Villalba, Licensed Esthetician & MUA

Makeup Matters: Expert Interview with Sandra Villalba, Licensed Esthetician & MUA

Since I began this blog, I had always hoped for it to become a place that those interested in makeup products, techniques and looks would come to share ideas.  I envisioned a blog where I could share some of my knowledge, as well as learn from my readers.  Someone that has always supported me, in not only this blog, but in everything is my beautiful and talented cousin Sandra.  She was kind enough to let me interview her and share some of her expert knowledge on makeup artistry with Makeup Matters.

Find out what her favorite products are, and learn about her makeup philosophy below!

MM: As you know, my blog is all about cruelty-free beauty.  What are your favorite cruelty-free brands?

SV: IT Cosmetics, Morphe and Sigma.

MM: OK, looking at the brands you mentioned, I have to ask....What are the synthetic makeup brushes that you can't live without?

SV: Yes! IT Cosmetics makes some amazing brushes. So far they are my favorite synthetic brushes in my collection!

MM: How did you first get into makeup as a profession? 

SV: I used to draw portraits a lot as a kid.  I just drew faces, and became really into the design of a face.I would draw them for days without tiring. I also love color!  I think somehow they married as the years went on and became a natural place for me to focus my energy. 

MM: That's awesome! Can you remember your first experience with makeup?

SV: All I can remember is playing with my moms makeup and loving it. One of my most memorable experience is using a sharpie to put on eyeliner because my parent said I couldn’t wear makeup. I showed them.

MM: Haha!  Too funny!  You are an amazing makeup artist.  Can you share with us any tips that you think aspiring artists may find helpful? 

SV: I would suggest they find a makeup mentor.  I've never had one, but I think having someone in your life, that has followed the same path that you envision yourself going will help you figure out how to get where you need to be.  Even if it is not someone you know personally.... many celebrity artists will be kind enough to answer a few questions to help beginning artists find their own path. 

MM: What is your makeup philosophy? 

SV: Anything that makes you feel good and like....yourself.  If that means NO makeup, then so be it.  Personally, anything that makes you feel and look the way you picture yourself in your mind is what you should go with. I love to be in full glam all the time.That's what I look like to myself in my mind's eye.  So that's the goal I shoot for on most days.

MM: What is the number one most requested look that your clients ask for? 

SV: A natural look.  This always ends up taking at least 15 products, which surprises most people. 

MM: What is the most difficult thing about being a makeup artist? 

SV: Interpreting what a client’s expectations are.

MM: Who or what inspires you most these days?

SV: I think Instagram inspired me a lot in the past.  Inspiration is actually a big challenge for me right now. Sometimes I find it hard to source new and inspiring ideas.These days, I am not finding a lot of new ideas on Instagram or YouTube.  Don't get me wrong, there are MANY beautiful makeup looks on social media, but nothing personally inspiring me lately. 

MM: What is your least favorite makeup trend right now?

SV: My least favorite makeup trend right now is a cut crease. I think it can be too much for an everyday look. Sometimes I think it can be pulled off with the right neutral shades but often it is too harsh even for a nighttime look.

MM: In your business, what are some of the challenges that your clients face when applying their own makeup? 

SV: When I teach classes, the general consensus is that many people are unsure about which products to use. Many also have difficulties with application techniques, such as knowing how to apply eyeliner, which brushes to use, how to do their eyebrows. If you think about it, a full face of makeup has about 20 steps and is kind of complicated for the average person. But I’m always fascinated by how people do makeup that are not professionals. I LOVE learning how every person does their own makeup. You’d be surprised at how many techniques I’ve picked up from a woman that only wears mascara and lipstick. 

MM: How would you describe your signature look?  

SV: Usually it’s a some sort of warm eyeshadow look with false eyelashes and flawless skin followed up by a mauve lip. It may sound pretty boring but I always feel confident wearing it. If you had asked me six years ago, it would have been some sort of bright eye with a bold lip and cheekbones carved to the Gods.

MM: What do you think about the fact that your favorite cousin (me, for those following along at home) and you both love makeup so much?

SV: It’s everything. I have never even had a friend that I could talk makeup with, so having one of my favorite people even caring about makeup in the least bit is a dream. But it sucks that we’re so far away from each other.

MM: Awww! How do you think we ended up with the same passion growing up states away? 

SV: I can’t even guess the answer to that. We both have different backgrounds especially ones that don’t apply to beauty.  But if you have an idea of how it happened, I’d love to know ๐Ÿ˜Š

Here is a look at some of Sandra's work (before and after shots):

 Before and After
 Before and After

Before and After

Before and After

Above: Sandra demonstrates highlighting and contouring

A huge thanks to Sandra for answering all of my questions and providing us all with more insight on life in the beauty business!  To keep up with Sandra, or book an appointment with her, be sure to follow her on Twitter @SIVBeauty and check out her website

Sandra is a licensed Estetician and professional Makeup Artist.  She currently owns SIV Beauty, a one stop shop for beauty and skin. 

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