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Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat - A Tutorial

Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat- A Tutorial*

*Palette purchased by me

If you haven't seen Urban Decay's latest addition to the Naked family, then you clearly have not been on the internet lately. With the success of the original Naked Heat palette, the brand decided to launch a mini version complete with five matte shades and one satin.  There are countless reviews online, so I will spare you my full review, with the exception of letting you know that I am super happy that I purchased this palette. I must admit that I am a little late to the game on this one, but I have been having a lot of fun creating a variety of looks from this adorable palm-sized hotness. Now, let's get into the look!

To begin the look, I applied a thin layer of eyeshadow primer from lash line to brow bone, and took a tiny bit along the lower lash line as well. With a fluffy eyeshadow brush I dipped into the color Vibrate. I swept this warm peach shadow into the crease of my eye. I am so impressed with this color. It blends effortlessly and a little goes a long way.  The shadow appears to be a light tan in the pan, but when applied gives a real warmth to the eye and it's peachy hue really works well with the rest of the colors in this palette. 

Using the same brush, I swept Vibrate along the lower lash line from the outer corner about a quarter of the way in. 

Next, using a small angled brush, I dipped it into Strike, the darkest color in the palette. This warm plum shadow is just beautiful for liner, and works well dry or on a damp brush along the lash line. For this look, I used the shadow dry to create a softer look. 

First I applied the shadow to the upper lash line, starting at the outer corner of the lid and tracing the shadow along the lashes about a quarter of the way in. 

Then I flipped the brush and traced over the same line to intensify the color. To soften the look a bit more, I gently smudged the shadow using a cotton swab. Repeat the same process along the lower lash line until the desired intensity is reached. 

Inhale is a natural choice to use as a highlight color. It is the only satin/shimmery color in the palette.  This light, opalescent beige works well on the inner corner of the eyes for a bright, wide-eyed look. I applied the color using a small flat brush, pressing the color directly into the corner of the eye and dragging it all around the hollow of the eye. 

The shade directly to the right of Inhale in this palette is called Hot Spell. Flipping over the same brush that I applied Inhale with, I dipped it into Hot Spell and gently applied it to the very outer corner of the lid. I worked in light layers, applying the color, and then blending the shadow inward toward the corner of the eye. 

Continue to apply Hot Spell (very warm brown) and blend, repeating the process until the desired intensity is reached.  The amount of shadow needed will vary depending on skin tone.  However, these eyeshadows are very pigmented, so I recommend starting with a tiny amount and adding just a little bit as you go. 

Now for the most intriguing color in the palette, Wild Thing!  This warm matte orange is simply stunning, and especially beautiful for blue eyes.  My pictures truly don't do this eyeshadow justice.  The texture on this eyshadow is impecible. This is the perfect example of why so many people love Urban Decay eyeshadow.  This is one of the best performing eyeshadows I own. 

I decided to do something a bit different than I normally do with this eyeshadow.  Using a small flat brush, I dipped just the tip of the brush into the color and traced along the natural curve of my eyelid in the socket, almost like I was doing a cut-crease.  If you don't have a natural crease, don't worry, simply draw one where a crease would be and create the shape that works best for your eyes. Then, using a fluffy brush, blend the color using back and forth motions to create a hazy fog.  Continue to apply the color with the flat brush, and blend again with the fluffy brush until a warm haze frames the eye.

Going back to the angled brush used around the lash line, tap first into Heist (a warm peppery brown not to be confused with Urban Decay's discontinued matte grayish purple color of the same name), and then into Strike to get a mixture of the two colors. Starting from the lower lash line, trace the color up until it passes the upper lid and reaches the crease.  Then in short, feathery strokes sweep the shadow in from the corner onto the lid, covering just the outer section to emphasize the "outer V" and create some depth. Using a cotton swab, clean up the edges of the lower lash line so that both sides are even. Pick up some more eyeshadow on the angled brush and starting at the crease of the eye draw down until you reach the upper lash line. This line should meet up with the lower lash line.  You want to see a distinct line coming up from the lower lash line that looks almost like reverse eyeliner.

Finally, grab a fluffy brush and a mix of Inhale and Vibrate to highlight just under the brow. Use sweeping motions to tone down the shimmer and down-blend so there is a smooth transition into the other colors previously applied. There should be no harsh edges between the highlight shade and any other colors.

To clean up the shape of the shadow take a cosmetic sponge and use it as an eraser to wipe away any fallout that may have dropped down. Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara to top and bottom lashes and/or apply false lashes if you prefer.

There are a variety of lip colors that will look great with this look depending on the vibe you are going for. I popped on the newest lipstick in my collection, Urban Decay Wrath. Wrath is a beautiful metallic red that looks stunning on pretty much any skin tone. At the time of this post, Urban Decay is offering free engraving with purchase of this lipstick and a variety of others at I got mine engraved, and think it is such a nice touch to personalize your makeup, or give as a gift.

Here is the final look:

I am wearing a wax-based foundation, cream bronzer, and brow gel to complete the face. The metallic finish on this lipstick is amazing. I am so happy I purchased this. The Naked Petite Heat palette is only $29, which I think is a steal given the quality of these eyeshadows. I purchased the palette and lipstick as part of the Urban Decay "friends and fanatics event" and got an even better deal on these high quality products. I already own the original Naked Heat palette, but find this petite matte version ideal for work, and to carry with me in my purse. Some people are getting tired of these warm shades that many brands are selling at the moment, but if you have blue eyes, orange tones look simply stunning as orange and blue are complimentary colors. I really think this palette is well thought out, and the shadows blend effortlessly.  They are the type of eyeshadows that seem to sort of blend themselves. This palette also works well on most skin tones.  Kudos to Urban Decay, as this is another winner in my book!

Do you have the Naked Petite Heat palette?  Would you like to see some more tutorials? Do you prefer to see more Naked Petite Heat looks, or looks that also include the original Naked Heat palette as well?  I want to hear from you!

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*Note: Any links included in this post are for the convenience of the reader only. I was not sent any of these products for review.  I never get paid to write reviews. All opinions are my own. 

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