Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Citrus Makeup Look

I have been really inspired by citrus colors lately. I began collecting inspirational photos on Pinterest here: Pinterest  

After seeing some of the beautiful makeup looks other makeup artists came up with I decided to try some of my own. I was originally drawn to some of the vibrant orange eyeshadows in my collection,  but then decided to use yellow, green and orange in one look instead. 

Here is my take on a citrus inspired eyeshadow look:

First, I primed my eyelids with Milani eyeshadow primer, applying it with a flat synthetic brush. 

Next, I applied the lime green color from Wet n Wild' s California Roll 6-pan palette allover the eyelid.

On top of that, I applied the matte yellow eyeshadow from ColourPop's Yes, Please! Palette to 3/4 of the eyelid. I blended the yellow and green together at the point where the colors met to soften any harsh lines. 

Next, in the same ColourPop palette, I picked up some of the bright matte orange shadow on a Furless PRO3M brush to smoke out the outter corner of the eye, as well as taking that color along the lower lash line.  

To get the desired shape, I cleaned up the edges with a cotton bud. Once I had the desired shape, I blended the matte orange into my crease using the Furless PRO2E.

To complete the eye look, I did some blending around the crease of the eye using a Furless PRO7E brush. With my Sigma E32, I applied a matte eyeshadow that was close to my skin tone just below the brow and down blended it to smooth out the look

I went back into the crease with a clean Kelley Quan E4 brush for a final blend.  

To complete the look, I added some mascara, and finished the face. On my lips is OCC lip pencil in Grandma topped with Smashbox Haterade liquid metal lip.

Here is the final look:

What do you think? If you try a citrus inspired look, please tag me on Twitter and show me your looks @MakeupMatters1



  1. Oooh love the colors! They look like they have great pigment!

    1. I am obsessed with ColourPop lately. The quality is amazing and you can't beat the price. Wet n Wild has always been a drugstore favorite of mine!


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