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Why You Need To Try Furless Cosmetics

Why You Need To Try Furless Cosmetics

I've been using makeup brushes from Furless Cosmetics for years.  They are a cruelty-free and vegan brand that has brushes for everyone from makeup lovers to makeup artists. They also sell a large variety of professional grade pigments that are dream come true. Full disclosure, I did receive a 20% beauty blogger discount, but I did purchase these products with my own money because I truly love this brand.  I recently bought three brushes and  a beautifully bright yellow eyeshadow called Violate. I received my package on Thursday, and have enjoyed testing out these goodies all weekend.  When I test new products, I really put them through the ringer. I like to try brushes with a variety of products, and use pigments in as many different ways as I can think of.  I also always wash and dry my brushes to see how they hold their shape after a good cleaning. Due to the fact that I have had such success with Furless in the past, I was not surprised at all by how perfectly all of these products performed. Even if cruelty-free isn't a priority for you, I strongly urge you to give Furless a try. I am sure that you will be happy you did.  Just in case you want to know why I love Furless so much, I happened to put together a list for you (and some pretty pictures too). 

Here is why you need to try Furless:

  1. These brushes are SOFT! I know a lot of brushes are soft, but these are like REALLY soft and smooth. 
  2. Large variety of bristle shapes & sizes for any makeup job.
  3. Their pigment containers are large and the colors are vibrant.
  4. They offer brush handles in many lengths, for full sets and individual brushes.
  5. Furless is a cruelty-free and vegan brand. 

    Here is a picture of their Purple Domed Powder Makeup Brush (PF4): 

    When I first opened the box, I was truly impressed with the size of this brush. I ran my fingers through the bristles and actually said out loud (even though probably only my dogs could hear me), "Wow, these bristles are so silky."  I tend to apply powder to the face with a powder puff, but always use a super soft brush to knock off the excess.  That is exactly what I love this brush for. The silkiness of the bristles allow you to sweep powder away from the under eye area (or anywhere on the face) without disturbing the foundation underneath.

    This second brush (pictured above) is called the Couture Body Definer - Limited Edition (BC4) .  I purchased this brush because I looked through my collection and realized that I don't have one this size or shape at all.  This brush is truly multipurpose for me. I love it for contouring, applying blush, and highlighter. The size works great on the face, but it also is perfect for sculpting around the collarbone or applying body highlight in strategic places. I am really happy I picked up this super unique brush.  It is limited edition, so if you want one, be sure to pick it up while you can. 

    Pictured Above: I used the Couture Body Definer - Limited Edition to contour my face.

    Pictured Below: Perfectly Pink Eyeshadow Brush (PPM1):

    This Perfectly Pink Eyeshadow Brush is a real workhorse. It is perfectly shaped to apply and blend eyeshadow, as well as contour the nose. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, one of the reasons why I started this blog was that I wanted a cruelty-free/synthetic version of the M.A.C. 217.  This brush absolutely has that type of vibe to it. It is a bit smaller and thinner, which makes it perfect for working on clients with smaller lid space.  I used it to apply the new yellow pigment I picked up from the Furless site, as well as blend out other shadows and find this brush applies and blends like a dream.  If you are the type of person who likes to use only one brush to do your eyeshadow this one is a good pick because it is so multipurpose. 

    I have no idea why, but this is the first time I purchased eyeshadow from Furless. I've loved their brushes forever, but for some reason, I never picked up one of their pigments. I have been really feeling yellow lately, so this bright yellow pigment in Violate caught my eye. This non-toxic, vegan, professional formula is super bright and easy to blend.  The container comes with 0.28 oz. of loose eyeshadow pigment.  I applied it and blended it with the Perfectly Pink Eyeshadow Brush both wet and dry.  I was surprised to see how metallic and pigmented it was right out of the container, before wetting the brush.  Both swatches above are brush swatches, not finger swatches. The packaging is beautiful, and I was truly impressed with the size. For comparison, Sugarpill's loose pigment in Lumi is 0.21 oz. and Alexis Vogel's Glow Dust is 0.04 oz.

    Here is one of the looks that I created using all three brushes and the Violate pigment:

    Have you tried Furless brushes?  If you are interested in purchasing any of the brushes mentioned in this post please visit: 

    *Note: I do not get paid to write reviews. All opinions are my own. I do not get any commission if you purchase anything from Furless.  I am only recommending them because I honestly use and love their products! 

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