Monday, July 2, 2012

Basic Black & White #1

 Here, I used a dark burgundy lipstick (Gash by Urban Decay), and neutral shadow to contour the eye

 This shade of lipstick may have been too dark in a color photo, but works in the black and white scenario
Doing makeup for black and white photography is very different, than traditional photography, because it is not color that matters, but tone only.  Therefore, when I do makeup for black and white photos, I will typically use colors that create more of a contrast on the skin. For example, if I am doing makeup on a fair skinned model, I would use darker colors where I wanted to create more of a contrast.  For example, I may use a lipstick in a shade that is darker than I normally would, because the photo will only pick up the contrast against her fair skin, and not the fact that it may not be the perfect shade of red.

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