Monday, July 2, 2012

Black & White #2 : Dark eye, neutral lip

In this black and white photo, I chose to highlight the eye, and paired it with a nude lip. I brought in some black shadow into the crease to create more depth in the eye crease.  As indicated in my previous post, the color is not important here, only the tone.  Here I included both the black & white photo as well as the color version to illustrate a point. The makeup in the color photo doesn't look like anything special. In reality if I were to create this look for a color photo, I would likely use a lipstick with a little more pink to it, I would apply more blush, and probably not put as much black shadow in the crease, but would likely use some deeper browns. However, as you can see in the black and white photo below, using the black shadow in the outer corner of the eye, helped create the darker contrast, thus creating the gradation from light to dark that I was looking for. Similarly, blush would not have translated to a black and white photo.  Instead, I used a contour powder, and some highlighting technique, to create shadows, and light where I wanted it. Again, the color of lipstick did not matter here, it only mattered that I used a light tone that would translate as a light neutral in the black and white photo. There are many times, where a person may want black & white photos as well as colored ones.  An example of this is wedding photos. Some couples like both color and black and white photography for their special day.  In this instance, I would need to pay attention to both color and tone.

Brow pencil is Nuance by Salma Hayek.

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  1. Very helpful! As I've spoke with you, previously. Im not experienced at all with applying eyeshadow. I love the dark crease look. Thank you for sharing?!


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