Friday, July 6, 2012

Thank you Urban Decay!

This is not my usual post, but I must post it!  I am super excited about an email I received from Urban Decay today, and just had to share the good news. As some of you may know, UD was contemplating selling their products in China. However, due to China's current laws, some tests on animals may have been conducted using UD products (though the tests would not have been conducted BY UD).  Nevertheless, this sparked some heated debate, and was upsetting for many UD long time loyal customers like myself. I am happy to share with you, that UD has once again listened to their customers. This brand is famous for reading emails from their customers, and actually listening to what their customers want. Although historically this has been primarily in the form of what shadow colors to add to their permanent line, what color eyeliners that were only available in sets, do we want to see sold separately etc, they have now decided to listen to us on a much bigger issue. We all write letters and get angry when a company does something "wrong."  I think we also need to say thank you, when they do something right. So thank you Urban Decay, for deciding not to sell in China.  I appreciate your change of heart, and went online to purchase some items today as a token of my gratitude!  I will be writing a blog post on those items once they arrive!

Here is the email I received from UD today (and a side note I wrote at the bottom!):

Dear Liza Chung,

Thank you for your interest in the web chat.  As you may have heard, Urban Decay has decided NOT to begin selling products in China.  Our full statement and additional information can be found at

Because of this decision, we will not be holding the web chat, but encourage you to email us at i
f you have any additional questions.

Thanks again for your patience as we worked through this difficult issue.

Team UDUrban Decay Cosmetics
833 W. 16th St. Newport Beach, CA 92663

*Side Note: If you have never tried Urban Decay, I suggest you do so. They are a solid brand, with some truly amazing products. In my opinion, their eyeshadow is the best in the business (YES BETTER THAN M.A.C!).  Some of my favorites from the brand include: 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in Yeyo (really brightens up the inner corners of the eye & works great on the waterline), UD eyeshadow in Cobra (makes an awesome smokey eye), 24/7 concealer pencil (they have recently expanded their shade selection so you should be able to find one to match  you, my color is CIA), and new for summer: their showboat nail kit (bright bright bright amazingly fun summer colors).  One of the things I just ordered from them is a pair of UD lashes , which I have never tried but hear are awesome. I shall try them on and let you know! 

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