Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Are You Ready For An Alien Invasion?

Well, it seems like Jeffree Star Cosmetics has done it again. The brand recently released the most exciting holiday palette that I have ever seen, and believe me when I tell you it is our of this world! I am of course referring to the Alien Eyeshadow Palette.

Lately I have been considering this brand to be a modern version of Urban Decay. I used to love the collectible palettes and innovative colors that Urban Decay sold. However, lately when I think about "beauty with an edge," Jeffree Star Cosmetics comes to mind. 

While there are some truly unique, bright colors in the palette, it is equally as easy to put together office appropriate neutral looks. At $52, this palette is well worth the money. Inside there are 18 shades, and a large mirror. The cover folds back under the palette if you are working at a makeup table that already has a mirror. 

Here are three "wearable" looks that I created:

Look #1 - I used Titan, Gravitea, Phone Home and Interstellar

I used Titan as a base all over the lid. Gravitea was swept into my crease as a transition shade. I used Phone Home in the outer corner and deeper crease as well as along the lower lash line. Interstellar was applied to the inner 2/3rds of my eyelid.

Here is a description of the colors from

  • Pluto: Icy white with a duochrome finish
  • Titan: Ivory with a matte finish
  • Alien: Neon green with a metallic finish
  • Interstellar: Antiqued light gold with a metallic finish
  • Abduction: Bright chartreuse with a matte finish
  • UFO: Green-gold with a metallic finish
  • Gravitea: Caramel with a matte finish
  • Martian Soil: Cool mustard with a matte finish
  • Flying Saucer: Bright teal with a matte finish
  • Phone Home: Mauve with a matte finish
  • Moon Rock: Forest green with a metallic finish
  • X Files: Cool-toned brown with a matte finish
  • Ghost OG: Deep army green with a matte finish
  • Area 51: Rich purple with a matte finish
  • Space Cowboy: Reddish brown with a metallic finish
  • Probe: Reddish brown with a turquoise shift and a metallic finish
  • Tall Grey: Light blue-grey with a matte finish *Black Hole: Deep black with a matte finish

Look #2 - I built upon the earlier look, adding Moon Rock to the inner 2/3rds of my eyelid. Area 51 was used to darken the outer corner, and brushed along the lower lash line. Pluto was used as an inner corner highlight and just below my brow.

The shadows are very high quality. They are also vegan and cruelty-free. 

Look #3 - Today, I used Ghost OG pressed over Urban Decay's Stash Eye Pencil, keeping it very close to the lash line. I used an Hourglass No 11 Brush to press the shadow on over the liner. After the top lash line was done, I took just whatever product was left on the brush and traced along my lower lash line. This dark, army green works well as a neutral. If you are over 35 years old, like me, matte shades like this will become your best friend. Any of the dark mattes in this palette work great as an alternative to eyeliner, creating a softer look. For extra staying power, layer it over your favorite eye pencil, like I did here.  

The combination of looks you can create with this palette is only limited by your imagination. I plan to create some bold looks as well, and combine these shadows with others from the brand to see how they work together. I wanted to share these first, as I suspect many YouTubers will gravitate towards the bright and metallic shades.  

Did you purchase the Alien Eyeshadow Palette? Which colors are your favorite?

*All products in this post were purchased by me at I do not get paid to write reviews.

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