Tuesday, November 13, 2018

How To Get The Perfect Neutral Eye Look Using Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics

When it comes to eyeshadow, Urban Decay has been a longtime favorite. Their Naked palettes are collected and coveted by many and with good reason. Neutral eye makeup works well for all occasions. The Naked palettes typically have a combination of finishes to choose from. Their Naked Basics palettes contain mostly matte shadows and work well both on their own and in conjunction with other palettes. 

The most useful of all of them in my collection is the Naked Ultimate Basics. This 12-pan eyeshadow palette has a nice full size mirror, 11 matte shades, and one satin. 

This palette is not new to the brand, but I do think it is underappreciated. I use this palette more than any other that I own! 

Here are some of the looks I have worn recently using the palette:

I love to use Commando (light taupe-brown matte) and Tempted (pale brown matte) in the crease as transition shades. Typically I will create a mixture of the two and blend it on. 

For my eyelid, I like using Nudie (soft pink-nude matte).

This palette works for me because it is super easy to create daytime appropriate looks, but just as simple to reach for the darker shades in the palette and create a smoky eye.

Today, I really wanted to bring out the blue in my eyes. By simply adding in one additional shadow, (ABC Gum from Urban Decay) I used the pallete to create my perfect neutral eye look.

Here is how I did it:

  • To start, I always prep my eyelids with a good eye primer. It prevents my eyeshadow from creasing, and extends wear time. 
  • Next, I grabbed an eyeshadow single from Urban Decay called ABC Gum. It is a light matte peach tone that really brings out the blue in my eyes (orange & blue are complimentary colors). Using a flat, but fluffy brush (eye shading brush from Icing), I blended it onto my eyelids. 
  • Then I took a mixture of Commando & Tempted on an Hourglass #4 brush and blended it just above the natural crease of my eye.
  • Using the same brush, I patted Lethal on the outer corner of my eye, blending it slightly inward and upward.
  • Switching to a Sigma Firm Shader (E57) brush, I blended Lethal along my lower lash line. I started at the outer corner, bringing it about 1/3rd of the way in. Then I wiped off the brush, and used it to pull the color along the rest of my lash line. This technique helps keep the concentration of color darkest at the outer corner.
  • To complete the eyeshadow I applied Blow (light nude satin) to the inner corner of the eye, and just under the brow for a highlight using a Furless Cosmetics PRO3M brush (collab with It's Likely Makeup)
  • Add lots of black mascara to top and bottom lashes as a final touch to compliment the eye makeup. 

After applying Senna Cosmetics Suede Cream lipstick, I patted some of the ABC Gum matte eyeshadow on the center of my lips to take down the shine.

For highlighted cheekbones, I swept on e.l.f. Baked Blush in Pinktastic using my new Sephora PRO Highlight #98 brush (brush review coming soon).

If you don't currently own Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics, run to your computer right now, because it is on sale for $24.97! 

The palette can be purchased here:


Shades included:

Blow (light nude satin), Nudie (soft pink-nude matte), Commando (light taupe-brown matte), Tempted (pale brown matte), Instinct (medium pink-taupe matte), Lethal (reddish brown matte), Pre-Game (pale yellow matte), Extra Bitter (burnt orange matte), Faith (medium warm brown matte), Lockout (rich neutral brown matte), Magnet (smoky gray matte) and Blackjack (warm black matte).

Urban Decay has absolutely nailed their matte eyeshadow formula. The pigment is rich, yet smooth. I recommend this for literally anyone who wants a good quality matte palette. In fact, I love this palette so much, I just may buy another to have as backup! 

Do you own Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics? Which colors are your favorite?

*I do not get paid to write reviews. This is not a sponsored post. Some of the products in this post may have been given to me, but all opinions are my own. I never accept products in exchange for a review or post. 

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