Friday, November 2, 2018

Attention: Makeup Lovers - Don't Buy New Brushes Until You Read This

As some of you may know, I love makeup brushes. I keep a list of brands that I want to try and the list keeps getting longer. The Kat Von D 10-year anniversary set is one that I have been eyeing for a while. This limited edition set was gifted to me by my cousin, Sandra. She is also a makeup artist and brush enthusiast. 

The set retails for $125.00 And includes the following brushes:

  1. Lock-it Edge Foundation Brush
  2. Lock-it Edge Concealer Brush
  3. Lock-it Precision Powder Brush
  4. Lock-it Setting Powder Brush
  5. #2 Powder Contour Brush 
The brushes themselves are lightweight with super soft bristles. Buying them in a set is slightly cheaper than buying each of the black handled versions separately. These feel amazing on the skin and are great for those with mature or sensitive skin. 

The foundation & concealer brushes remind me a little bit of the Sigma 3DHD brushes, but they are softer with a more rectangular shape. 

Conclusion: These are my first brushes from the Kat Von D brand. They have exceeded my expectations, especially the concealer and foundation brushes.

I was surprised that overall these brush shaped were rather unique to my collection. I am happy to finally have tried these and this set is the perfect introduction to Kat Von D brushes. 

Hopefully the brand will make more eye brushes in the future, because they clearly have the face brush game on lock.

Thank you, Sandra for sending me this beautiful set. It is so pretty that I almost didn't want to use it. I got over that feeling and am glad I did, because these have become part of my daily makeup routine!

Have you tried Kat Von D brushes? Which are your favorites?

*I do not get paid to write reviews. All opinions are my own.

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