Friday, January 11, 2013

Pinterest Weekly Round Up

It's that time again; time for my Pinterest Weekly Round Up.  I spend way too much time on Pinterest, but I can't help myself!  It's so much fun!  If you are on Pinterest too, make sure you follow me here:

The things that inspired me most this week are a combo of looks, storage, and of course, brushes.  I am always inspired by others and hope that I inspire some of you!

Pinterest Posts From This Week:

Makeup Storage:  Everyone stores their makeup differently. Due to space constraints, or type of products you like to have at your fingertips, people get super creative comingup with different ways to store everything from brushes to palettes. Here are some of my favorites including how to keep your brushes dust free

Beauty Resolutions: I made this board to show you my beauty resolutions. I'd love to hear yours!:

My Pro Brushes: I'm always talking about brushes, and have the synthetic brush guide on my site. However, my collection is always changing, and I may be adding new brushes here or there. These are some of my current favs that I've collected over time:

Celebs:  I am not a celebrity makeup artist. However, I am still inspired by them.  These are some celebrity makeup looks that really caught my attention this week:

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