Friday, January 25, 2013

Pinterest Weekly Round Up

Pinterest Weekly Round Up

Happy Friday! It's that time again; where I share with you what inspired me this week. I tested a lot of different products this week as well as discovered some dupes (cheaper duplicates), and some new brands! Here are the boards I created on Pinterest this week to share with you:

As I'm testing out new products, I will sometimes find the new product I'm using reminds me of a familiar friend. While these are not exact dupes for their higher end counterparts, I think they are similar enough if you want a similar look without the hefty price tag: 

While I don't pin all of my hauls (because I usually tweet them), here are two products on their way to me that I am super excited about getting:

My favorites are always changing largely because I keep trying new products and discovering new things. I am really impressed with the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders and brush (I'll do a full review). I also recently discovered eyeshadow by The Balm. I contacted the company directly and was informed that they are cruelty free and they also make sure none of their suppliers conduct animal testing. Their eyeshadows are the best I have ever used! These are my favorites for the month of January including makeup and brushes:

In addition to my new boards, I'm always adding to my older boards as well whenever I find something inspiring. I've created boards showing makeup technique, cruelty-free looks and favorite products.  To view all my boards, you can follow me here:

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