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Spotlight: Earth Diva Cosmetics Brushes

 Earth Diva Cosmetics Brushes

Nothing excites me more than finding great brushes.  There are so many different brushes on the market of all different quality and price points. I am constantly testing out new brushes, so that you don't have to. When I find ones that are worth buying, I can't wait to jump online and blog about it so that you can benefit from my experience. 

Earth Diva Cosmetics was kind enough to send me three of their brushes to review.  Their brushes and makeup are 100% vegan and cruelty free!

The bristles are made of high quality taklon fibers, and the handles of sustainable bamboo.

Here is a look at the brushes I've been testing over the past week:

Eco-Friendly Multi-Purpose Brush: While this may look like a standard flat paddle foundation brush, it is really so much more. This brush really lives up to it's name, and is truly multi-purpose. Over the past week, I used this brush to apply tinted moisturizer, primer, liquid foundation, mineral foundation, mineral blush, concealer, highlighter, and mineral bronzer. I found that this brush worked well with every single product I used it with. Why did it work so well? Because the brush head is much fuller than a traditional foundation brush. A traditional flat paddle foundation brush typically has a flatter head, which makes it ideal for spreading a thin layer of foundation, but not much else. This brush has some real density to it, and the layers of bristles make it ideal for both picking up and blending product.

 Eco-Friendly Eyeshadow Brush: This is a flat shader brush, ideal for packing eyeshadow onto the lid, or highlighting under the brow bone. It has a tapered head which makes it easy to apply shadow to the lower lash line, or even use with concealer. This brush head is a great size for those with smaller eyelid space, because, while it's a decent size it is just ever so slightly smaller than some other eyeshadow brushes on the market. This is a positive, because it makes it ideal for detail work and applying product with precision. Why did it work so well? What impressed me most about this brush, is that although the bristles are silky the brush is constructed so that the bristles have the perfect amount of stiffness for blending.  When you turn the brush so that the bristles are pointed at your skin, it just gives the most perfect blend for this type of brush. The head of the brush is also tapered just the right amount. It is not so pointy that you can't use it full on, but it is curved enough to get into tight spaces such as the inner corner of the eye.

Eco-Friendly Eyeshadow & Crease Brush: While I am pleased with all three brushes I tried from this line, this one is my favorite.  This just blends shadow into the eye crease perfectly. You can use it to get a soft wash of color over the lid, blend out crease color, or even apply under eye concealer. I tested this brush with traditional pressed eyeshadow, mineral shadow, loose pigment, cream shadow and concealer.  I am extremely impressed with how well this brush blends product. Why did it work so well? Again, this brush had the perfect amount of firmness. Many people get caught up on a brush being soft. In my opinion, that is not the most important feature of a brush. The bristles of this brush do happen to be silky, but it is the slight firmness of the bristles that make it blend so well. A stiff domed brush is an essential part of creating a complete eyeshadow look. One of the things I had trouble finding early on in terms of good quality synthetic brushes was a crease brush with the right amount of firmness. Some brushes were almost too soft, which made them only good for applying a light wash of color, but not good for blending it out. This brush works so well for blending, I can't say it enough. The tapered head fits perfectly into the socket of the eye, or underneath the eye on the inner corner.

 Conclusion: I am really happy with these brushes. Not only do they work well with various mediums, but they are also reasonably priced. You can purchase a full set of brushes, including a makeup bag for only $43.95 on

Earth Diva Cosmetics offers mineral makeup and brushes that are organic & certified vegan.  Their products are ideal for women with sensitive skin, because their makeup is free of bismuth, fragrances and oils. These brushes are soft, yet firm enough to blend product. The design of these brushes feels comfortable in the hand, and they work quite well without breaking the bank. I highly recommend these, and am very happy to have these in my collection. 

I would like to say a big, "Thank you!" to Earth Diva Cosmetics for letting me review these brushes for my readers. I hope you enjoyed the review. Please let me know if you end up picking any of these up! I'd love to hear what you think of the brand, their brushes and makeup. You can write me in the comments below. Please note, all comments are approved individually so you may not see your comment appear right away. 

*The brushes seen in this review were sent to me for consideration by Earth Diva Cosmetics. I do not guarantee or get paid to write reviews. My reviews are 100% honest, and I only share my thoughts with you in hopes of helping you make informed purchasing decisions. 

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