Sunday, October 28, 2018

5 Beauty Tips To Get Ready For Winter

We may not want to think about it, but winter is right around the corner. Living in the Chicago area, we are expecting this winter to be a bit colder than last year. This can mean dry skin, and dry hair, often with static from those winter hats. I rounded up five of my most useful beauty tips to keep you looking and feeling your best even when the weather is at its worst. 

Some of these may look familiar, because they were in my post about preparing for Fall. If you already implemented some of these, then you are ahead of the game! 

1. Switch to a creamy and/or moisturizing facial cleanser and/or hydrating toner.  I switched to a new cleanser from InstaNatural.  Their Vitamin C Facial Cleanser works well for dry & sensitive skin. It contains aloe vera to keep the skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. Before cleansing the skin, I like to make sure all of my makeup is off.  With my last Beautylish order, they included a free sample  of Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm ($34/3.2 oz / 90 ml).  I have been using it religiously and think it is the perfect makeup remover for the colder weather.  It comes in a balm format that transforms into a silky oil, and then a milky lather when mixed with water.  It contains sunflower and ginger root oils to help melt away even long-wear makeup formulas. A little goes a long way with this product making it the best cleansing balm that I have ever tried. I fully intend to purchase the full size when I am done with the sample. 

Here is a look at the cleanser & makeup remover:

2. Add a face oil. You can add this to your skin care routine, try a drop mixed in with your foundation, or do both (depending on how dry your skin is)!  It really helps lock in moisture. I like Jojoba or Maracuja oil (like the below version from Tarte). 

3. Use a humidifier to keep your skin moisturized. I have never included a beauty tip like this before, because I typically focus on makeup and skincare in a more traditional sense.  However, I notice a real difference in my skin and hair in the winter on the days that I forget to turn on my humidifier. Buying a good humidifier is a worthy investment for anyone who suffers from dry skin in the winter. I purchased mine on for $54.99.  The brand is TaoTronics and it includes adjustable mist levels, a timer and water-less auto shut-off. 

4. Use a good moisturizer every time you wash your hands.  I like this one from Hempz ($12.75/17 oz) which I purchased on  This lotion contains shea butter & ginseng to help calm and soothe the skin.  I have noticed a much healthier look and feel to my skin since I have started using it. While it is enriched with 100% pure natural hemp seed oil, it is THC-free. 

5. Wear eyeshadow that matches the weather. Colors like browns & grays can help update your winter makeup look. Try Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette for a sophisticated selection that can take you from day to night.  

Bonus Tip: Use a moisturizing facial mask once a week. I have been really into sheet masks lately. I find them very convenient because you do not have to wash your face after. Simply apply the sheet to clean skin, leave on for 15-30 minutes and remove.  I have tried a number of brands over the years and there are a lot of good options on the market. Lately, I have liked these from Celavi Cosmetics ($9.50/1-12 pack). They are infused with natural botanical ingredients that are gentle enough for dry or sensitive skin.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  What are some of your tips to get ready for winter? Please let me know in the comments below.

*This post contains both products purchased by me and free samples sent for consideration.  However, I do not get paid to write reviews.  All opinions are my own. I never recommend a product unless I personally use it and love it. 

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