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How To Use Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lip Liners & Supreme Frost The Right Way

As you may know by now, I am a big fan of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks.  I own several colors, and it is hands down the best formula I have ever used.

Until recently, the brand did not offer lip liners so I was pairing them with my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencils.  When I found out Jeffree Star Cosmetics was launching lip pencils in colors to match my beloved liquid lipsticks perfectly I could not wait to have them in my hands. I ordered three colors from; Allegedly (terracotta nude), Weirdo (black), and Dominatrix (chocolate brown).  Like the liquid lipsticks, the lip liners are also eye safe.  I ordered Weirdo & Dominatrix to use as eyeliners.  While brown and black may sound like standard eyeliner colors, it is surprisingly difficult to find the perfect chocolate brown color.  I am also a bit picky about my black eyeliners, as I like a very dark matte black, not the dull muted gray-black many brands offer. Allegedly is the liquid lipstick that I wear the most, so I was excited to buy a matching lip liner.

I also decided to pick up one of the new Supreme Frost highlighters, as they promised to create a wet look to the skin with their pearl (man made) infused pigments.  I purchased the color Snow Globe (light gold).

I have been testing all of these products for the past four days, trying them out in a variety of ways. I used the pencils on my eyes and lips.  I tried them alone, and with other products over them.  I applied the highlighter with a variety of different brushes, sponges, and even tapped the product on with my fingertips.

There are not a lot of reviews for these products online yet because they are so new.  Some might even call this post a first impressions as I have not had these products very long.  However, I have tried to put them to the test as much as possible. I thought I would share with you the best way (that I have found) to use these products.  Granted, different application methods work for different individuals.  However, I think my methods will work for most, helping you to get the best product pay-off.

Velour Lip Liners:

The packaging on all of these products is special and unique.  The pencils come with a gold colored cap that makes them resemble a wand.  The pencil itself is a traditional format that allows you to sharpen it for a perfect point (I highly recommend the MYKITCO 'on Point' Sharpener - also available on Beautylish).  The formula is extremely soft.  When I first swatched these, the softness surprised me, but I soon came to appreciate it.  Many eye pencils require being warmed up on the back of the hand so that they glide on without tugging or pulling the delicate eye area.  In the old days, we used to apply heat to the tip of our eyeliner with a lighter to soften it.  These are already the perfect texture, requiring almost no pressure for full-on pigment.

These are the first swatches I did right after opening the boxes:

How to wear the lip liners on your lips:
  • Prep your lips with a lip balm or primer.  They are a matte formula, so if your lips are not properly hydrated you may find them a bit drying.
  • Touch the pencil to the skin, and gently glide it on.  You will not need to apply pressure due to the soft formula. 
  • Next, line the outside perimeter of your lips, following your natural lip line.  Since the color match is perfect to the liquid lipsticks, coloring in your lips completely with the liner is not required.
  • Fill in with matching liquid lipstick.

Here are the three colors I purchased (lip liner outlining the lips with matching liquid lipstick filling in the entire lip):

Allegedly is such a beautiful color. I especially love it for the Fall season.  It works well as a neutral, but the terracotta tint adds something unexpected. 

Weirdo is not a lip color I will likely wear often on my lips. I bought both the liquid lipstick and lip liner to use on my eyes.  However, I have tried my fair share of black lip colors over the years.  Finding rich, bold full-on pigment like this in black lip colors is not common.  

Dominatrix is another one that I purchased for use on my eyes.  However, I ended up loving the way it looks on my lips as well!  I think this will look beautiful on a variety of skin tones.  


Above, you can see the unique cap on the liners.  The picture above right, shows Dominatrix worn on the eyes only, with the one beneath it worn on eyes and lips. 

How to wear the lip liners on your eyes:

  • Stabilize the skin. If you are lining the upper lid, gently pull the skin taught with one hand, using the other to apply the pencil.
  • Again, be mindful of the soft formula and simply touch the pencil close to the lash line and glide it on with little to no pressure.
  • Smudge with a brush or cotton swab. I love these pencils smudged along the lash line. My favorite way to wear them so far is to apply straight from the pencil, smudge with a brush, then reapply. I personally love makeup that doesn't look too "done" or perfect. These allow you plenty of playtime before they set, but once they set they do not transfer. I did not even wear an eye primer, and had no transferring at all, which is not typical for me.
  • Try with a fine liner or angled brush.  If you are very heavy handed, and not used to the soft formula, treat this like a gel liner. Pick up some of the pencil on the tip of a brush and draw it on as you would with any gel liner. 

In the above photo, I used Weirdo as eyeliner.  I applied it straight from the pencil on my top & bottom waterline and smudged it along the upper and lower lash line using a smudge brush. Since these are so pigmented, it really kicks your eyeliner look up a notch. 

Supreme Frost:

Again, I purchased the color Snow Globe.  This is my first highlighter from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. As advertised, this product is full of sparkle and shimmer.  If you don't like glitter, this product is not for you.  If you love iridescent, pearled pigments, buy this now.  Jeffree described this as a gel-powder hybrid in his product reveal video.  For this reason, it seems some people were expecting a different texture. With products like the Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter on the market, some have become used to an almost bouncy texture. This does feel like a powder to the touch, but it does not apply like one. I swatched it against some of my powder highlighters and you see nothing but reflective pigments and pure highlighter in this product.  My powder highlighters from other brands, while they look lovely when applied with a brush, a full-on finger swatch displays a mixture of powder and shimmery pigments that is clearly not in the Supreme Frost.

Also worth noting, the packaging is spectacular on this product as well. The box has a soft touch to it, and the pink chrome packaging feels fun, yet luxurious at the same time.  There are a lot of little touches that make this brand so special. 

How to apply the Supreme Frost Highlighter:
  • Use a synthetic brush.  I only use synthetic bristled-brushes, but the ones that worked best for me were brushes like the Real Techniques Multitask Cheek Brush or Contour Brush. The brushes that I have in my collection that more closely mimic animal hair did not seem to work as well with this formula. 
  • Gently tap the formula on, and then blend it in.  Take your beauty sponge and go over the edges for a flawless look.
  • For a very intense, dramatic look, apply with your fingers, tapping the product on to the high points of your face.
  • Be gentle.  There are a lot of tiny glitter flecks and micro pearly pigments in this product. If you don't want them flying into your hair, or your eyebrows, I recommend using a light hand.  Always start with a small amount, tapping off the excess on your brush before applying.
  • Using a setting spray or facial mist after helps enhance the wet skin look of this product. 

I have always found highlighters difficult to photograph.  They are meant to catch the light with movement, so a still picture simply does not do justice to any highlighting product.  In the image on the left (above) I applied the Supreme Frost lightly with a Real Techniques Multitask Cheek Brush.  In the image next to it, I used my fingertips to pat extra product on top.  As you can see it has a light golden color to it.  In person it looks very iridescent on the skin.

At first glance, it reminded me of my Alexis Vogel highlighter.  However when I swatched them side by side, the Alexis Vogel highlighter had a more powdery texture.  On the skin, they do look similar, but the Alexis Vogel highlighter is a drier formula so the skin needs to be properly hydrated for a similar look. Below is a side by side comparison. I painted one side of my face (tops of cheekbones, and brow bone) with the Supreme Frost, and one with Alexis Vogel Afterglow Highlighter in Meringue. The Supreme Frost also has a more golden hue, versus the champagne tone to Afterglow. 

I hope you find these tips helpful. I know the Supreme Frosts were back ordered so many people are just getting their orders now.  Try implementing the tips and tricks I have outlined in this post and if you have any to share with me, please let me know in the comments below. 

*All of the products in this post were purchased by me. I do not get paid to write reviews.  All opinions are my own. 

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