Monday, October 29, 2018

Want To Save Money On Makeup Brushes?

The two brushes above look similar, right? That's because they are the exact same brush! The brush on top was a Foundation Stippling Brush that I purchased from Makeup Geek. The one below it is The Deluxe Flat Bronzer Brush from Crown Brush Syntho Series. 

It looks like Makup Geek has updated their brushes somewhat since I purchased this one, but the price difference is shocking. Makeup Geek's Foundation Stippling Brush currently retails for $18, while the Crown Brush pictured above is only $9.99. 

To further prove that it is the same brush, the Makeup Geek Version (top) even has the SS014 FLAT BRONZER labeling from Crown on it.  Why not shop directly with Crown Brush and save money?

This flat top style brush is very multipurpose. It works great with liquid, powder and cream foundation, as well as bronzer.

You can shop the Crown Brush using my affiliate link here:

Type in this code to save 10%: LIZACHUNG 

The next time you are buying makeup brushes, check Crown Brush first, as many brands apply their company label to them and resell at a markup.

*I am a Crown Brush Affiliate. Shopping through my affiliate link does provide me with a small commission that helps support this site. 

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