Tuesday, July 10, 2018

3 Juicy Looks Using Buxom PlumpLine Lip Liner

3 Juicy Looks Using Buxom PlumpLine Lip Liner

This is not a sponsored post.  All products were purchased by me, or gifted to me by a family member.  I do not get paid to write blog posts or endorse any products.  All opinions are my own.

One of the products that I have been absolutely loving this summer is Buxom's PlumpLine Lip Liner in Confidential.  My cousin, who is also a makeup artist, sent me this as part of our beauty product swap.  If you aren't familiar with this product, this is not your average lip liner.

It contains the same lip plumping ingredients as other Buxom lip products such as hyluronic acid.  The chubby pencil format makes it easy to swipe on with precision, while the other end is a lip brush, allowing you to blend with ease. The color I have, Confidential, is a peachy-nude that most will find flattering and easy to wear for everyday. If you are looking for something different though, these happen to be available in 20 different colors!

The formula is a comfortable matte that wears all day on the lips.  Unlike other matte formulas, this is very creamy and not drying at all. The price point is very reasonable when you consider the versatility of this product.  At $17 each, you essentially get a lip liner that doubles as a lipstick and lip brush all in one easy to use stick. 

To demonstrate the different ways I have worn this, I created a few different lip looks.  This pencil works great on its own, or paired with one of Buxom's Full-On Lip Polish glosses that have been popular since I can remember.

Here is Look #1: To get this look, I outlined my lips with the PlumpLine Liner, then drew a line through the center of the lips, and one a few millimeters from each corner of my mouth.  I filled in the gaps with Buxom's Big & Healthy Lipstick in Sydney (a light pink-taupe). You can use any lighter lip pencil or lipstick to fill in the gaps.  The idea here is to highlight and contour the lips, using the darker color on the edges, and the lighter color where you want the lip to appear fuller. With the brush end of the PlumpLine Lip Liner, I blended everything together to eliminate any harsh edges. The resulting look is a matte, yet full pout that very on-trend at the moment. 

Look #2: For the second look, I used the PlumpLine Lip Liner in Confidential to line the lips, blending the color in slightly with the brush end.  For added shine, I topped it with Buxom's Full-On Lip Polish in the color Lauren (punk rock pink).  This helped create the illusion of an even fuller lip while still being very wearable and daytime appropriate.  If you haven't tried Buxom's glosses yet, they create a tingly feeling on the lips, which is part of their plumping properties. While the PlumpLine Lip Liners are also intended to give one a fuller lip look, I do not notice any tingling at all with this product.  Some of the other gloss colors from Buxom that I would recommend pairing with Confidential Liner are Emily (pink chiffon) and Katie (pink lemonade).  Since Confidential is a neutral, it pairs well with just about any color gloss, but I found these colors to look particularly beautiful together. 

Look #3: For my third look, again I lined the lips with PlumpLine Lip Liner in Confidential.  Then I took Buxom's Big & Healthy Lipstick in the color Miami (bright pink) and applied it to the very center of the top and bottom lip.  Using the lip brush end of the PlumpLine Liner, I pulled Miami out toward the edges of the lip and blended together creating a very soft, plush look.  This lip look is one I like to wear when I don't want to look "too done."  Instead, it just looks like your lips are stained, but the mixture of the 2 formulas creates a velvety look on the lips.  I recommend working in thin layers and blending the color out, as you really don't need much product to achieve this look. 

If you read my first impressions post, you got to see a bonus look using this product. In that post, I used this chubby pencil as a lipstick, filling in the lips completely.  To intensify the matte effect, I tapped on a matte orange eyeshadow creating this bolder look:

I really struggle finding lip products that I love.  Mostly because throughout the course of a normal day, after eating and drinking lip products generally require reapplication.  The longer wearing formulas tend to be a bit too drying on my lips.  I can certainly achieve a longer looking pout with a lip primer and some layering techniques, but that isn't something that I really want to do everyday.  This PlumpLine Lip Liner was such a nice surprise for me.  I am truly impressed with the wear time, and how creamy, blendable and easy to use it is.  I am so happy my cousin sent me this lip liner because I don't know that I would have discovered it on my own.  I have always been someone who prefers applying lipstick with a lip brush.  I also favor liners that include one, which is why I have a number of colors from Hourglass, because they sell traditional sized lip liners (thin pencils) with a brush on the other end as well.  However, this chubbier format from Buxom truly doubles as a lipstick, enabling me to achieve full coverage with very little effort.  The brush is a nice size and shape, making blending the product easy for anyone. 

I am looking forward to exploring some of the other colors offered by the brand, because I think mixing and matching different color is really the way to get the most out of this product since it is so creamy and merges nicely with other hues. I am declaring this lip product the official lippie of summer 2018!

What are your thoughts on the PlumpLine Liners?  Do you have any? Which color is your favorite?

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