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Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter - Iridescence

Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter - Iridescence

I was going through my makeup, and taking inventory as part of my mid-year review process. In the summer, I go through my personal makeup and professional makeup artist kit to decide which products I want to stock up on, and which ones I should think about replacing. 

As I've gotten older, my preference in highlighter has changed dramatically. I have always loved the dewy look that can be achieved with a few swipes of shimmery powder.  As fine lines have started to appear, I find myself being much more picky about the highlighting products I use as they can emphasize skin texture in an unflattering way if I am not careful.

The right highlighter for me, is one that can work on mature skin and young alike. When my cousin and I sent a box of our favorite makeup products to one another, we both included a highlighter.  I sent her Charlotte Tilbury's Film Star Bronze & Glow compact, and she gifted me the beautiful Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter in Iridescence.  I told her what I loved about the Charlotte Tilbury highlighter is that it is a "grown up" highlighter.  It photographs well, and does not emphasize fine lines or wrinkles.

She sent me the Physicians Formula highlighter because in addition to loving the product, she finds the value super impressive. For only $10.95, this product truly rivals higher priced brands. The texture feels very luxurious, and the formula is extremely long lasting. I have worn it nearly every day since I got it, and I love it more each time I put it on my face. As the name implies, this cream-to-powder formula feels smooth like butter, but it sets to a powder finish. It comes in a variety of colors, each with a see-through lid that twists open and shut revealing 0.17 Oz. / 5g of product (Net Wt.). 

The color I have, Iridescence is very cool-toned.  As the name states, it imparts an iridescent finish on the skin, leaving a multi-dimensional lavender/pink shift. I tested many techniques using a variety of applicators, including a fan brush, my fingers, a sponge, and other makeup brushes of different sizes and density.  I adjusted the method of application to include swiping, buffing, patting and swirling the product on my face.  Sometimes, I find the right application method can make or break my opinion on a product.  I am happy to report that this particular product requires little to no effort, and yields lovely results if you use your fingers or a brush.  That being said, my absolute favorite way to apply this product is with a smaller, dense brush.

Some examples are; Real Techniques Bold Metals #200 Oval Shadow Brush, and Marc Jacobs Beauty The Conceal - Full Cover Correcting Brush No. 14. Honestly, I probably prefer these brushes because they mimic finger application, but oddly I do not particularly like using my hands for any makeup application. I gently touch the brush into the product, and then pat along the high points of my face, blending and buffing the product into the skin.  Due to the cream-to-powder formulation, it really blends into bare skin or foundation nicely.  It does not sit on top of the skin emphasizing dry patches the way many other powder highlighters can. 

I also find the color to be quite unique compared to other highlighters in my collection.  The lavender tone imparts a brightening effect canceling out any sallowness.  For this reason, I love taking a tiny bit on the inner corner of my eyes, or just beneath the peak of the brow. I am happy that this is not limited edition, and Physicians Formula now considers it to be a permanent part of their makeup offerings. Since they do offer other colors, I will likely purchase the rest for my professional kit, so that I can apply this to clients of all skin tones. While this particular color likely works on a variety of complexions, their Rose Gold or Champagne options seem as though they would compliment a darker complexion even more beautifully. 

I will admit when I first saw this highlighter, I was afraid that it wouldn't work on my mature skin.  However, I actually read on the company's site that it contains soft-focus pigments intended to smooth skin texture and that mature skin was considered when formulating the product. 

I really shouldn't be surprised this product was such a hit for me, because Physicians Formula is one of those brands who has always made highlighters well. In fact, their Mineral Glow Pearls have always been a drugstore favorite of mine.  This Butter Highlighter is not just a favorite drugstore highlighter, but is currently among my favorites period, regardless of price point.

Here is how it looks on my skin (over CC Cream and loose powder): 

I also swatched it next to two highlighters that I always carry in my kit.  From left to right (above swatches): Wet n Wild Blossom Glow, Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze & Glow, Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter in Iridescence. 

Highlighter is always a bit difficult to photograph properly, because it is a product that truly shows its worth when the light catches it at a certain angle. A good highlighter should leave you with a luminous, youthful glow that makes your skin look healthy and hydrated, never oily. It should also be easy to layer, and not something that will breakdown on your skin throughout the day. This is truly an A+ product for me, largely because of the unique texture and multi-dimensional glow it produces.

Thank you again, to my beautiful cousin for sharing this winning product with me!

Have you tried Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter? What is your favorite color/shade?

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