Friday, July 13, 2018

First Impressions - Fenty Beauty Makeup Brushes

Fenty Beauty seems to be a new makeup brand that has everyone talking. Rihanna is pretty much loved by everyone, and her makeup looks are nothing short of iconic. 

I had only tried two products from the brand (Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Freckle Fiesta & Match Stix) when I first read that eye brushes were going to be available.  Being the makeup brush junkie that I am, I quickly logged into my Sephora account and signed up for the email notification so that I could order them the second they were in stock. 

When the day came, I ended up tossing the brand's #120 Highlight Brush into my cart too. 

The two new eye brushes are stamped with iridescent print on the handles revealing the brush number and its intended purpose. They are #200 Eyeshadow and #210 Blending

I literally just got these brushes today, and while I have spent the past two hours playing with them, I can only give you my first impression rather than an in-depth review. 

The face highlight brush is raved about in the makeup world by nearly everyone who has tried it. The unique shape and soft bristles apply quite a bit of product with one swipe. Yet, I find it very easy to buff product into the skin due to the shorter tightly packed bristles that hug the face. 

The #200 Eyeshadow brush looks like a smaller version of my Sugarpill Large Eyeshadow brush. However it is larger than a M.A.C. 239s (not a cruelty-free brand). This brush is very poorly rated on Sephora's site primarily because of the hefty price tag. I am unsure why the rating only applied to this particular brush, when all the brushes in the line are expensive. Fenty Beauty is a high-end brand. That being said,  I did notice that out of the three brushes I purchased, this is the only one with a pinched ferrule (which is a good thing). I consider a brush with a crimp in the metal ferrule to be of better quality,  as generally speaking the bristles are more secure and it tends to make the brush last over time. 

The #210 Blending brush is a larger sized eye brush, with extremely soft bristles. I find it applies and blends eyeshadow with ease. I tested it out today using three different eyeshadow brands (Urban Decay,Too Faced & Jeffree Star Cosmetics) and really found it comfortable to work with. Like the other two brushes, the handle weight is super light compared to almost every other brush I own. I think for this reason, some may complain the brush feels cheap.

Generally,  customers want a little bit of weight to higher end beauty products. Don't get me wrong, no one wants bulk, but things that cost a bit more should feel luxurious. I must sadly admit the eye brushes feel cheaply made and I doubt these will last me for years like my professional brushes do. 

I can't help but compare these to my Furless Cosmetics x It's Likely Makeup brushes. Both brands have a lovely light pink handle,  and metallic colored ferrule with soft bristles.  The similarities end there. The Furless brushes scream quality to me. The high gloss finish on the handle and company name embossed on the ferrule are details that make the brushes look more aesthetically pleasing.  The Fenty Beauty brushes feel like both the handle and ferrule are made of cheap plastic. I don't know if this is the case, as I can't find what the brush is made out of on Sephora' s site, or anywhere on the box. 

Final Thoughts for Today: 

The bristles on the Fenty brushes are super soft, and from my use today, I can say they performed very well for basic application and blending. The highlight brush is a very unique shape that I like for that reason alone. 

Honestly, I cannot recommend the eye brushes due to the value. I feel that the quality of the brushes does not match the price point. The shape of the brushes is nothing special, and you can find much better quality eyeshadow brushes at a fraction of the cost. However if money is no object and you want to support RiRi and her brand, the bristles do feel lovely and the brushes work as advertised.  

Do you have these brushes? Please share your thoughts with me! 

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