Monday, July 30, 2018

One Palette, Three Looks (series) - Using ABH X Norvina Palette, Look#2

Norvina palette,  oh how do I love thee? I just spent two hours creating a bonus look because I just wanted to play!  My bonus look will be revealed in a later post. This second look is the most natural looking of the three I created. This palette inspires me SO much and I really enjoyed thinking outside of the box, without having to go outside of the palette. The different finishes and soft powders meld the together creating true artwork on the lids. 

That being said, I also want to demonstrate that this can easily be an every day, wearable palette. When opening the palette, shimmers, duochromes, pinks and purples speak to me. 

That's how I know it's time to take a step back. I decided to show some restraint and see if I could create more of a minimalist  of a look (for me anyway). Could this palette work for a corporate job? 

I began with just four neutral colors from the palette to test the pigment, and that is how look #2 was born.

Look #2:

To start, I applied the color Base (described by the brand as a matte eggshell) from lash line to just under the brow. I did not use any eye primer underneath so that I could see the pigment in its true form. In the crease of my eye, and along the lower lash line I swept a mixture of Incense (matte dusty terracotta) and Eccentric (described as a matte dark burnt orange). For a bit of sheen, I applied just a touch of Dreamer (described by the brand as a metallic pink champagne) below the brow, and swept gently along the center of my eyelids. Dreamer packs quite a punch, so I only used the smallest amount, and blended it in creating more of an "I'm not wearing eyeshadow, this is a natural highlight" kind of look. 

I groomed  my brows using ABH brow products , keeping most of the rest of my face neutral. With the eye look as minimal as I could muster, I popped on a bold lip, and voila! 

I call this look "polished and pretty." 

If BOLD looks are your thing, make sure you don't miss look #3 in this series! 

๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’„~Makeup Matters 

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