Thursday, July 26, 2018

The One Setting Powder To Top Them All

For about a month now, the only setting powder I reach for is Becca Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder. At first glance, this product seems to make a lot of questionable claims. 

It boasts that it is made out of 50% water & glycerine, which accounts for the very cool feeling you get upon application. 

It does in fact feel great especially during these summer months. I find it very refreshing. 

To give really put this powder to the test, I compared it against some of my tried & true favorites.

First of all, you get a good amount of product. The container comes with 0.35 oz, vs 0.32 oz in my RMS "un" powder. 

I am glad my cousin sent me this powder by Becca, as I was looking to replace my Nars loose powder in the color Flesh. While Nars included a large 1.2 oz of powder, they are no longer cruelty-free. 

All three powders (Becca, RMS and Nars)  are made in the U.S.A. and what I consider to be high-end brands. The Becca powder retails for $38. 


Becca Hydra-Mist has a screw top lid, that opens up to reveal a unique plastic cap. This cap helps keep things neat, as upon opening the cap, we see a mesh layer topping the powder itself. My old Nars powder had a similar mesh, but I still had to pour the powder into a vessel, and sift it out. The Becca powder has a flexible mesh, that allows you to press your brush into it, dispensing the perfect amount of product. 

I like using the Real Techniques Setting Brush, or my Bdellium Tools 995 kabuki. The brand recommends using their flat top kabuki brush, but the brushes I have work just fine, and I do not see a need to purchase a separate brush. 

Comparing Becca's powder to my RMS "un" powder is not truly a fair comparison, as the RMS powder is simply meant to reduce shine.

The Becca powder is intended to set and refresh your makeup. It includes light-reflecting pigments that blur fine lines. 

For this reason, I love using it under my eyes. It makes my under eye area bright and smooth, while setting my base all day. 

For allover face application, I tap my Bdellium Tools 995 Brush, and buff the powder gently onto my face. The cool, almost wet feeling of this powder makes it truly unique, and the fact that it holds true to all the brand's claims makes this powder the one setting powder to top them all!

Charlotte Tilbury's pressed powder still earns top place in my book for pressed powders, but Becca has won my heart in the loose powder department.  

Thank you to my cousin, Sandra, who sent me this powder as a gift. It is getting a ton of use! 

Have you tried this powder yet? How is it working for you? 

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