Thursday, July 5, 2018

Kat Von D 10yr anniversary eyeshadow palette

Kat Von D released a limited edition 16-pan eyeshadow palette filled with textures and colors that are truly breathtakingly beautiful. This palette is one of the items my cousin sent me in our recent beauty swap.

All of these eyeshadows perform wonderfully,  but I wear them over a primer for maximum impact. 

If all of these bright colors scare you, I assure you, they are very wearable.  Kat included enough mattes and neutrals for everyday, and the metallics and pops of color can be used close to the lash line for a more polished look.

The cover of the palette features original artwork from Kat Von D, making this $52 gem a must-have for collectors.

The palette is a good size, without being too bulky, and includes a full size mirror inside. 

The back of the palette lists the eyeshadow names. Kat Von D Beauty put out a promo video for this palette where she has each person that served as a muse for the eyeshadow names & colors. 

I found a lot of the colors in here to be quite unique. I swatched some of them against my ColourPop Perception palette, and found some similarities in tone, but overall the colors have a unique shift to them. I found this particularly true of the metallics, which apply best with a damp brush.

The thing I like most about this palette is the number of different looks I can achieve without bringing in any outside shadows. It is a complete palette in my opinion,  and can be used for a number of occasions. 

Above is a fire inspired look I wore, which is vastly different from the emerald look below.

In the above look, I pressed some of the orange eyeshadow over my lip color for a more matte effect. 

What do you think of this palette? I am thinking about including it in my next 3 looks, 1 Palette post. Let me know your thoughts below

Thank you, again to my beautiful cousin for sending me this amazing gift.

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