Monday, August 27, 2018

How to use E.L.F. Cosmetics Total Face Sponge

With so many different shaped beauty sponges on the market, it can get a little confusing when trying to figure out the best way to use them. Some people don't like these types of sponges because they are so different from the old white foam triangles we used to use. 

I hope this instructional post will help take the guess work out of your foundation application.

For my demonstration, I will be using my favorite beauty sponge, the Total Face Sponge from E.L.F. ($4.00). This sponge cam be purchased on the company's website or at your local Target. 

When you first get your sponge home, wash it thoroughly with soap & water. 

If you already have this sponge in your stash, you will still want to get it wet before use. Hold it under running water until the sponge is fully soaked with water and has increased in size.  Next, put the sponge in a paper towel and squeeze out any excess water. 

Squeeze a bit of your foundation or tinted moisturizer onto the flat end of the sponge. 

Next, I dot the sponge onto a few points in the center of my face. Using the same flat side, swipe the rest of the product on, smoothing out the dots by blending out toward the edges of the face. Use a downward and outward motion. Don't forget your ears & neck. 

After the product is evenly distributed, flip the sponge over and use the pointed end to get into any corners of the face. Use a light bouncing motion (stippling) or a press & roll motion. You want to push the product into the skin, diffusing any edges. Pay extra attention around the hairline. If you have a blemish tap a little more foundation on it using the pointed tip of the sponge. You can add another layer if you want more coverage. Once your skin is even, you can dot concealer on any areas that you need to, and use the same press and roll technique to blend.

This sponge is intended for liquid highlighter which can be applied the same way. Swipe the highlighter on with the flat end and press and roll to blend with the other.

I do not recommend using a beauty sponge for pressed powder. It may ruin the compact. However these types of sponges work quite well with loose powder. You can dip either end into your loose powder and gently pat over concealer using the same press and roll technique.  

I hope this helps. If you still have questions, please let me know in the comments below.

*This is not a sponsored post. This sponge was gifted to me by a family member. 

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