Monday, August 13, 2018

Tutorial - My Makeup Look for Behind the Brush

I am beyond excited to have scored tickets for Lipstick Nick & Jeffree Star's Behind the Brush makeup classes in Chicago on August 25th! When I get excited like this for upcoming events, the first thing I do is plan out what makeup I am going to wear. It is only appropriate to wear something from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. So I took a look at my beautiful Thirsty Palette, and started planing my look. 

Since I often use an assortment of makeup brushes from my collection, this time I decided to use all EcoTools brushes to demonstrate a complete eye look on a budget. 

Here is a look at some of my brushes from the brand:

To start my look, I applied Too Faced Shadow Insurance, buffing onto my lids with an EcoTools concealer blending brush.

Using a double sided brush (one end is a crease brush, the other a smudge brush), I dipped the crease brush end into Quench (a bright, matte yellow) and applied it into my crease.

Next, I picked up a blending brush and dipped it into a mixture of Taste Buds (matte salmon) & Biiiitch! (bright coral), applying the color just below the yellow.

With a push liner brush, I used my Aveda concealer to cut the crease. 

I then used a flat eyeshadow brush to apply Biiiitch! Heavily to the lid. I then went back to my crease brush, and applied the same shadow just above the yellow.

I flipped my brush over, and with the smudge brush side, applied Biiiitch! to the lower lash line. Switching back to the blending brush side, I used Kumquat (terracotta) to define the outer corner of my eye.  After tapping a touch of Too Faced Glitter Glue on my lid, I dipped an angled blending brush into Lick (mettalic gold), and pressed the pigment onto my lid.

For more dimension,  I dipped another angled blending brush into Filthy Rich (antique gold) and tapped it just on the inner corner and center of my lid over Lick.  I find these angled blending brushes work well for applying pressed glitter because they are so dense. 

I added black cake liner from Alexis Vogel to the top lash line, and a few coats of mascara. 

Here is the final look: 

A closer look:

What do you think? If you recreate this look, please share it with me on Twitter @MakeupMatters1. 

*This post includes both products purchased by me, and some sent for consideration by the company. I do not get paid to post reviews to my site. This is not a sponsored post.

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