Friday, August 10, 2018

Q&A with Makeup Matters

I have compiled a list of all the questions that you guys email me and ask me on social media. I decided to answer them for you in this post! If you love makeup, especially makeup brushes, I hope that you will find this post useful.

About Me:

As many of you know, I have been a makeup artist for several years. I am originally from Connecticut, but currently live in Illinois.  Most of my work has been freelance for weddings and special events.  I have also taught classes to small groups and beginners. 

Business Inquiries/PR:


Q. Which makeup brush do you own the most of?
A. Bdellium Tools 776 from their bambu line.  It's only $9, and a must-have blending brush. The brand originally only sold this brush in an animal hair version until I reached out to them and asked them to create a cruelty-free version. Their bambu (synthetic bristle) line was already popular with makeup artists,  but this brush wasn't available at the time.

Q. What makeup brush set do you recommend for beginners?
A. I always say that people serious about makeup should buy the best brushes they can afford. This will be different for everyone depending on his or her budget.

A good one for under $100 is the [R]EVOLUTION® PREMIERE PRO KIT - SYNTHETIC 12PC KIT, but I recommend adding on a couple of their BX-66 (Revolution Eye Blender) brushes to your order.

Furless Cosmetics has some awesome sets that are very reasonably priced. I mentioned bdellium Tools earlier.

At the higher end, if you are starting out as a makeup artist, I love Kelley Quan  or Cozzette.  I highly recommend investing in one of these sets if you are a pro artist.

On the more budget friendly end, Real Techniques sells a super affordable eye set - which is more than enough for personal use.

Q. Are there any brushes in your collection that you regret buying?

A. Hmm...I would say that early on I regret not just starting with the Kelley Quan set.  I just kept buying individual brushes.  Obviously you save money when buying a set. I think your average makeup artist needs 1 good set, and a bunch of eye brushes because that is what you will use the most. Sponges can always be used to apply foundation.

Q. What products do you use personally that you don't use professionally and why?

A. I probably use a lot more drugstore items personally. I do use some drugstore makeup in my kit. If it is good makeup, I will have it in my kit regardless of price point. However if someone is paying to get their makeup done, especially for a wedding or special event, I want them to feel like they are being pampered. Getting your makeup done is a luxury, so I want my clients to feel special and know that I am using the best products for their important day.

Q. If you could offer 1 piece of makeup advice to beginners what would it be?

A. Don't feel like you need to buy every piece of makeup that hits the shelves. The key to getting better at makeup application is practice, and you can accomplish that with whatever makeup you already own.

Q. What are some makeup brushes or brands that you are looking to add to your collection?

A. I have a list!

  • Luxie brushes- Specifically 227 Blending Rose Gold
  • Spectrum - A08 & A16, MB04
  • M.O.T.D.- Miss Shady lady, Pigment Packer 
  • Morphe- E16, E31
  • Linda Halberg brushes 
  • Honest Beauty 
  • Crown- I own brushes from this brand, but want to get the Pro Lush Pointed Powder/Contour Brush C531

Q. Do you have any older makeup brushes in your kit that you love bit they don't make anymore?

A. Yes! Quite a few actually.  I have a few older brushes from Christopher Drummond Beauty that they don't make anymore. I love their air blender brush, concealer brush, and eyeshadow blending brush.

Q. If you had your own brush line what would you do differently vs what is out on the market already?

A. I love what Wayne Goss has done with his brush line. I would love to do what he has done but with all synthetic bristles. I would probably have wooden (birch) handles with a coating that is easy to clean, copper ferrules (double pinched), and a blend of synthetic bristles (like Kelley Quan). I actually have a lot of ideas for a set that takes all the things I love about certain brands and combines them.

I would also include more eye brushes in my set than normal because those are the brushes people really use the most. 

That's all for today's Q&A! I hope you found my answers helpful. If you have any additional questions, please ask them below. 

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

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