Thursday, August 9, 2018

What is this brush for? (Series)

Welcome to today's edition of What is this brush for?

This "brush" isn't really a brush at all in the traditional sense. It is more of a spatula. This is just one of the brushes in the Lormay 9-Piece Silicone Makeup Brush Set that I purchased on for $8.99. That's right, the entire set was only $8.99! 

While I have enjoyed many of the brushes in the set, this particular brush has worked its way into my nightly skincare routine. 

The set includes 2 face brushes and 7 eye brushes.  The second brush pictured above is one that I use nightly to apply my face cream. Rather than sticking my fingers into a jar of product,  I simply dip in this "brush" and apply a thin even layer to my face. I find doing it this way is more sanitary,  stops me from wasting product and allows me to get into the smaller areas of the face due to the unique brush head shape.

You may wonder why I do not use the first brush pictured above for my skincare. I use that brush to apply facial masks and/or primer to the skin. 

Because I use a separate eye cream, I appreciate the indented brush head of the second brush for night cream, as it allows me to skip the under eye area completely. 

The eye brushes in the set are great for applying glitter to the eye, with the last two brushes on the right being ideal for gel liner.

Have you tried silicone brushes for skin prep? Which is your favorite?

All products in this post were purchased by me. This is not a sponsored post.

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