Thursday, August 2, 2018

One Palette, Three Looks (series) Using the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Thirsty Palette - Look #3

For my third eye look using the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Thirsty Palette I decided to use the entire row of metallics. The idea came to me when I watched Jeffree swatch them on his YouTube channel.  He swatched the second row and showed us how they shine outside in the sunlight. He looked at the swatches and actually said, "That's a look right there."  

Wearing just metallics (and so many of them) isn't something I do very often. I tend to stick with one metallic shadow per look unless I am mixing them together to create a custom color. 

For Look #3, I started on the inner corner of my eye, applying Divine (silver), then working toward the outer corner of my eye, I applied each color from the metallic row in order. I allowed each color to overlap the first just enough to create a seamless transition. I layered Filthy Rich (antique gold) over Divine (silver), Lick (gold) over that, followed by Snatched (metallic pewter) and ending with Plunge (bronze). 

All of the metallics were painted on using a brush dampened with setting spray. Too Faced Glitter Glue was used as a base. 

For a more finished look, I added some Drizzle (matte chocolate brown) in the crease, and highlighted under the brow with Parched (matte ivory). 

I applied mascara very close to the root for a fuller lash effect, keeping the rest of the face pretty neutral.  

Don't worry, I could never write a blog post in this series without including some bonus looks! Needless to say, I have been getting a lot of use out of this palette!

Bonus Looks:

The makeup look in the upper left corner above used a blend of Submerge (bright blue) & Splash (teal)  on the lid with Drizzle (chocolate brown) & Subtle (cool-toned brown) on the outer corner and lower lash line. 

I skipped mascara for a more undone look, allowing the bright pigment to be the focal point. 

The look right next to it began the same way, but I layered Plunge over the brown matte shadows on the outer corner and added mascara. 

For the bottom two looks (with & without flash) I mixed Submerge & Splash together again,  brushing them onto the lid. This time I took just a tiny touch of Divine on a dry brush and swept it on top to create a metallic mint green lid. Again I used Drizzle & Subtle on the outer corner and lower lash line as well as in my crease. 

The Final look I will share with you is below: 

To compliment my blue eyes I wanted to create a rustic orange look that was still very wearable. For this look I used the entire top row of the palette. I started with Stroke (terracotta) closest to the lash line with a pencil brush. Above that I blended on Kumquat (burnt orange) Taking a small domed brush, I painted Biiiitch! (bright coral) above the crease, with a touch of Taste Buds (salmon) in my upper crease. I took Parched just under the brow. I repeated the same steps along the lower lash line starting with Stroke and working backward across the row of colors. 

Again, I kept the face very neutral. When working with very bright or metallic shadows, I generally keep the rest of the look extremely subtle so that things don't start to look too extreme. I have quite delicate features than can become overshadowed by too many different textures and colors on my face. 

I hope you enjoyed a look at some of the eye makeup I have worn using the Thirsty Palette. Please let me know which is your favorite in the comments below!

This palette was purchased by me.  I do not get paid to write reviews. 

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